Apple and Microsoft aren’t the only brands that can trace their roots back to a garage–upcoming Italian brand The Wonderful Socks have the same claim. We paid a visit to their base just outside of Milan to learn more about what’s going down at one of the current hottest sock brands in cycling.

Today’s hype around the style and height of socks while on the bike can’t have escaped your notice as a discerning roadie, just take #sockgamestrong and #sockdoping as testament. But what elevates conventional socks into ‘Wonderful Socks’?

Channeling the same belief as demonstrated in our Fashion Shoot, we’re convinced that the perfect design needs more than just style to authenticate it. To be more than a superficial sockdoper, you’ve got to be aware of what you’re pulling onto your pins. The Wonderful Socks, also known as TWS, hold the same conviction. Set up by a Milanese couple with backgrounds in photography, design and journalism, each pair of socks comes with distinguishing design-worthy postcards that outline the inspiration behind that particular design – be it an icon, a race or a famous climb in cycling. You can also head to the TWS website to read these stories.

Exclusively made in Italy, the socks are made of a polypropylene, resistex carbon and lycra blend. The founders haven’t scrimped on the Italian-made packaging either, deliberately investing into the experience to turn the act of opening your parcel into a pleasure.

But beyond just style-savvy, TWS also promise that their socks deliver the ultimate comfort while riding, utilizing a design that almost eliminates seams in the forefront of your foot to increase comfort. After all, who wants to add discomfort and rubbing from your socks on top of the suffering that simply comes from riding?

The Wonderful Socks are a refreshing step forward in cycling, proving that socks can serve more than just a style purpose. #sockgame on!

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Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Julian Mittelstaedt, Robin Schmitt