VOTEC’s coup de main – Non-stop from Stuttgart to the Stelvio

The VOTEC Endeavour team has set out on the VOTEC VRC road bike to cycle from Stuttgart to the Stelvio: 390 km and 7,260 hm, non-stop. More information about the route, some insights into the riders’ soul life and a video can be found here.

„What can you actually achieve by your own efforts? Maybe together with friends who support each other? Does it always have to be a competition or a challenge? Or could not the ride itself be the greatest experience and the friends the greater motivation? And how does it feel when you reach a goal that sometimes seemed unattainable on the way?“

Questions like these or similar ones that have moved many people in recent months motivated the Votec Endeavour team to embark on a great adventure: on the VRC allroad bike (click for review), from Stuttgart to the Stelvio, 390 kilometers, 7,260 metres of altitude difference, non-stop.

Just stay in the saddle and keep going – just like in real life: Giving up does not count. What did the four of them experience during this test? You can experience it in the film that was made on this long day.

For God’s sake, why are you doing this shit? Why don’t you just do yoga like your other friends do?!

Just like this great sporting challenge, the film is not for casual viewing. It brings the way, the peace, the time, the ups and downs very close. When you get involved. So: Put on the headphones, lean back, just let it work.