Schwalbe G-One Bite Evo MicroSkin TLE 700 x 40C

The Schwalbe G-One Bite Evo clearly proves that the German tire brand has done its homework in terms of dimensional tolerances – the seat of the tire on the rim bead is bombproof. So, when fitting the tires, it’s all the more important to pay close attention to the direction of the unidirectional front and rear tires as recommended by the manufacturer. Even if the knobby tread profile doesn’t suggest it, on the test bench, the G-One Bite rolls only slightly worse than the Compass Barlow Pass and even better than its little brother, the G-One Allround, which has a much smoother profile.

The G-One Bite also offered very good puncture protection in our lab tests. The tire allows fast acceleration and maintains its speed efficiently, but feels a bit vague when changing direction at high speeds. The rather tall shoulder knobs tend to bend and sometimes require you to make corrections while cornering so that you don’t take the corner too wide. This behaviour is much less pronounced on softer and above all loose surfaces, but the tire pressure has to be quite low for the tire to generate sufficient grip. Riding it at a lower pressure, however, the G-One Bite becomes noticeably slower and overly spongy on asphalt or on hard-packed surfaces. It is crucial, therefore, to select the appropriate pressure for the route before starting your journey. If you succeed in getting the pressure right, you’ll enjoy the excellent directional stability and efficiency of the tire. With the G-One Bite, fans of tubeless systems who value quality and like to speed along smooth forest roads will get a fast gravel tire that offers good puncture protection.

 Surprising how well the G-One Bite rolls despite its rough tread pattern.


– low rolling resistance
– very low tolerances


– reacts sensitively to changes in tire pressure
– shoulder knobs lack support in hard cornering

Grip Rolling resistance Puncture protection Mounting Value for money

Price: € 59.90
Weight: 472 g