Panaracer GravelKing SK TLC 700 x 43C

The tread pattern of the Panaracer GravelKing SK TLC will put a smile on the faces of 8-bit fans: reminiscent of Tetris, the knobs line up symmetrically. Weighing 487 g the Panaracer is amongst the heavier tires in the test field, but at 43 mm it is also the widest. Regarding rolling resistance, it performed convincingly in the lab, and we were able to confirm the results in practice: the Panaracer doesn’t fear longer stretches of asphalt! It only offered mediocre levels of puncture protection though.

After initially breaking a sweat while performing the rather tricky task of mounting it, the Panaracer pleased us with its predictable handling on all surfaces. From compact to loose ground, the GravelKing didn’t reveal any real weaknesses, yet its performance didn’t blow us away either. The all-rounder carries speed well but could be a little faster in acceleration. The flat shoulder knobs allow for a smooth transition when cornering and don’t bend over. The Panaracer doesn’t begin to squirm at low air pressures nor does it lack grip at high pressures, thus, it’ll give you a lot a leeway with regards to your preference. However, we expected a more comfortable ride from a tire of its size. The unevenly coloured side walls also stopped us from giving the Panaracer a better rating. Nevertheless, the GravelKing is a good all-round tire, able to master a wide variety of surface types. If you don’t feel like changing your tires too often, the GravelKing is a solid all-round option at a fair price.

 The unevenly coloured sidewalls look like lipstick that was applied after having too many shots of tequila.


– composed handling
– versatility


– cheap finish

Grip Rolling resistance Puncture protection Mounting Value for money

Price: € 42.90
Weight: 487 g