MAXXIS Ravager Silk Shield TR 700 x 40C

At the first sight of the MAXXIS Ravager Silk Shield TR 700 x 40C you have to ask yourself: is this a gravel tire or just a mountain bike tire where they got the width wrong? With its deeply profiled tread and large shoulder knobs, there is something militant about the Ravager, also making it the second heaviest in the test field at 523 grams. It’s the slowest rolling of the entire test field too.

Acceleration, therefore, takes quite a bit more effort with this tire. But thanks to its weight, the MAXXIS Ravager is very stable once it’s rolling. The sturdy casing made for good results in the blunt object puncture tests and provides loads of comfort. Similar to the MAXXIS Rambler, the Ravager also showed weaknesses in puncture protection with sharp objects – but for tubeless converts, this is a minor problem.

The Ravager’s pronounced studs dig into loose ground like no other tire in the test field, offering tons of grip and confidence in the most demanding terrain. On hard-packed surfaces, however, the Ravager tends to feel squirmy, offering very little precision. This is the downside of the strongly pronounced shoulder knobs: while they provide enormous traction on loose ground and in mud, they tend to bend over on hard-packed surfaces. Because of its aggressive tread, the MAXXIS Ravager is a bit of a niche product in the gravel market. It’s a good choice for those who want to take it easy on the climbs and appreciate downhill trail performance, whether the trail is wet or dry. A proper heavy-duty alternative for mountain bikers with drop-bar bikes.

 The tire collects half the forest and throws it at your downtube – like the trail king hunting for souvenirs.


– grip in challenging terrain
– confidence inspiring on the trail


– rolling resistance
– cumbersome due to the high weight

Grip Rolling resistance Puncture protection Mounting Value for money

Price: € 59.50
Weight: 523 g