MAXXIS Rambler Silk Shield TR 700 x 40C

The MAXXIS Rambler Silk Shield TR in 700 x 40C is the first “real” gravel tire from the storied Taiwanese tire brand. Its evenly arranged tread pattern with short, angular studs promises good all-round properties. The side knobs are relatively small, while the tread pattern in the centre of the tire is tightly spaced. Our first impressions were confirmed in the lab, with the MAXXIS Rambler scoring well in the rolling resistance test.

 Almost as grippy as the MAXXIS Ravager. Just… faster.

In our practical tests, it convinced with an even distribution of grip, whether cornering or going straight. The Rambler inspires you with confidence and encourages you to explore your own limits. In demanding situations the Rambler reacts precisely and remains controllable without the studs bending over, thanks to its shallow tread profile. Although it clogs up relatively quickly in muddy conditions, it self-cleans perfectly as soon as you pick up speed and sufficient grip remains available at all times. A real all-rounder! On asphalt, the Rambler rolls efficiently thanks to the close pattern of the central knobs, giving it excellent directional stability even on rough surfaces.
The tire’s damping properties are mediocre; during the test, we rode the Rambler far below the minimum tire pressure of 3.4 bar specified by the manufacturer, but even then, it wasn’t particularly comfortable.

When it comes to puncture protection, the tire has clear preferences: punctured with a blunt object, the MAXXIS Rambler took second place in the test, whereas when tested with a pointed object it offered even less protection than much lighter tires such as the Compass Barlow Pass. It’ll resist snakebites, but for thorns, you’ll need tire sealant. From beginners to professionals, the Rambler is a good all-rounder for everyone. To beat the competition, however, it would have needed just a little more agility and comfort.


– very good all-round grip
– precise handling


– little damping

Price: € 59.50
Weight: 426 g