Compass Barlow Pass TC Extralight 700 x 38C

Wroom – the Compass Barlow Pass TC Extralight 700 x 38C is the fastest tire in the test field! Already when we mounted them, the US brand’s tires beat the competition and glide directly onto the rim bead. The initially extremely strong smell is countered by the beautiful design and minimal branding. Measuring in at 37.6 mm, the Compass Barlow Pass looks more voluminous than it is.

 The grip isn’t amazing, but the Barlow Pass TC offers more grip on gravel than the tread pattern would suggest.

On asphalt, hard-packed and rocky ground it offers plenty of grip, accelerates very easily and stays controlled while braking. As soon as things get wet, the Compass reaches its limits in terms of off-road traction. The tire slides out without warning and you can’t rely on any side knobs to rescue you, as is the case with the Challenge Gravel Grinder, for example. Its extremely soft and thin-walled casing provides lots of comfort, but little puncture protection. For this reason, we would highly recommend converting this tire to tubeless – when converting for the first time you may need an extra dose of sealant. Unfortunately, the Compass Barlow Pass is only partially suitable as an all-round gravel tire, due to the lack of grip and puncture protection. Anyone looking for a light and fast all-road tire, who attaches great importance to comfort and rides exclusively when the sun is out will be hard pressed to find a better suited tire. But at € 84 a piece, the Compass is the most expensive tire in the test field.


– fastest tire in test
– lightweight
– very comfortable


– poor puncture protection
– unpredictable

Grip Rolling resistance Puncture protection Mounting Value for money

Price: € 84.00
Weight: 381 g