WTB Riddler TCS Light/Fast Rolling 700 x 37C

Tadaa – the WTB Riddler TCS Light/Fast Rolling is the best gravel tire in our group test. The tire from the US brand scored well in the laboratory rolling resistance and puncture test, but the biggest surprise came when we took it out into the real world. Here the narrowest tire in the test field succeeded in convincing all of our test riders. The response of the Riddler is snappy when changing direction or picking up speed.

 Predictable, fast, grip in every situation and that with plenty of style … this is THE gravel tire. Best in test!

Its homogeneous tread pattern and the well-supported shoulder knobs result in very predictable cornering. The smooth transition between the centre tread and the shoulder knobs ensures control and predictability, inspiring the rider with confidence. The Riddler also surprised our testers with the comfort it offered. The supple tire casing scored well, easily able to compete with much more voluminous competitors. The advantage: the Riddler will even allow riders with frames that have less tire clearance to get the best all-round gravel performance. On hard and compact surfaces the Riddler benefits from its narrow width, whereas the rider can always rely on sufficient amounts of grip, regardless of the terrain. The test field features both faster and grippier tires, but no other tire performed as well in mastering such a broad spectrum of conditions. And let’s be honest: how good does this tire look!? With its outstanding all-round capabilities, the confidence it inspires and its high-quality workmanship, every gravel rider from beginner to professional will find a true all-rounder here. Speed meets stability. Agility meets style. Clear best in test for the WTB Riddler TCS Fast Rolling Light!


– best all-round grip
– predictable
– stylish


– missing on your bike

Grip Rolling resistance Puncture protection Mounting Value for money

Price: € 45.50
Weight: 431 g

Info: wtb.com