WTB Resolute TCS Light/Fast Rolling 700 x 42C

The WTB Resolute TCS Light/Fast Rolling is the aesthetic rock star of the test field. Classic mountain bike charm without looking outdated – 10 points for style! We were all the more surprised by the fact that the Resolute’s very pronounced profile was only just behind the benchmark set by the Compass Barlow Pass in terms of rolling resistance. Unfortunately, the high was followed by disappointing puncture protection results: here, the Resolute proved anything but tough.

 The look of the profile is reminiscent of an MTB tire from the 90s. #streetcredibility

The casing isn’t capable of withstanding much, especially pointed objects, which put the tire in last place in our puncture test. In practice, the WTB Resolute felt agile in acceleration and convinced us with its excellent directional stability and efficiency. In corners, the tire demands a guiding hand and lacks precision. Although its large volume provides ample comfort, it also makes for a rather vague riding experience on hard-packed surfaces – it’s better able to reveal its strengths on unpaved forest paths. While the Resolute reaches its limits relatively quickly, it will let you know when it does, though unfortunately, the shoulder studs aren’t defined enough for the tire to regain control. The rider will have to get actively involved. WTB recommends a tire pressure between 2.1 and 4.1 bar, and are the only manufacturer advocating such low pressures – their progressive stance definitely makes sense. The bottom line is that we feel function followed design in the development of the Resolute. High-speed gravel riders with experience, who attach great importance to looks and predominantly stick to winding forest roads are sure to be happy with this tire choice. But it won’t do any harm to have plenty of tubeless sealant in the tire or to take along a few spare tubes.


– very low rolling resistance
– style


– poor puncture protection
– cornering behaviour

Grip Rolling resistance Puncture protection Mounting Value for money

Price: € 45.50
Weight: 457 g

Info: wtb.com

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