Schwalbe G-One Allround Evo V-Guard 700 x 40C

The Schwalbe G-One Allround Evo surprised our testers: If you look at the rough profile of its big brother the G-One Bite, you would assume that the rolling resistance of the G-One Allround would have to be a lot less. However, this assumption was proven false on the test bench, with the Allround rolling less easily – even if only slightly. But as is usual for little siblings who often get teased by their big brothers, the Allround proved to be a sturdy all-rounder, more puncture-proof than the G-One Bite.

 The G-One Allround offers more puncture protection and rolling resistance than the G-One Bite – going by looks, we expected the opposite to be true.

Yet, in practice, the G-One Allround accelerates just as fast and is equally efficient – the marginal differences in our lab readings show little effect in the real world. However, the smoother profile of the Allround gets clogged up relatively quickly in sticky conditions. Also, the soft casing, short knobs and relatively small tire volume offer little off-road reserves, offering your rims less protection than other tires. The G-One Allround is just as sensitive to tire pressure as the G-One Bite. With regards to comfort, the G-One Allround keeps things aggressively firm, giving you direct feedback from the trail or road. Considering its characteristics, we would recommend the G-One Allround for all aspiring all-road riders who attach particular importance to puncture protection. We can also imagine using it on a rainy spring day in Belgium: bad roads, cobblestones and country lanes – here the G-One Allround won’t let you down. Offroad, however, it quickly reaches its limits, which is why it is only partially suitable as a gravel all-rounder.


– very good puncture protection


– lacking off-road reserves
– reacts sensitively to changes in tire pressure

Grip Rolling resistance Puncture protection Mounting Value for money

Price: € 59.90
Weight: 440 g