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Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro shoes on test

With the EDGE+ Road Pro, Suplest present their new flagship road bike shoes. Thanks to a revised carbon sole, the clipless shoes don’t only promise to be extremely stiff but also comfortable. Can they deliver?

Swiss shoe manufacturer Suplest have announced a few updates for 2020, including the new Edge+ high-performance range which includes the € 359 Road Pro shoe. The new asymmetrical tongue, which incorporates a thin carbon layer, is designed to distribute the pressure evenly across the top of your feet. According to the manufacturer, the two tried and tested BOA IP1 dials can easily be exchanged in the event of damage and also contribute to even pressure distribution as well as optimum power transfer. The SOLESTAR footbed, found on all Pro and Performance models, is intended to ensure maximum comfort and stability. Suplest are proud of their specially developed cycling last, which is unique to the Swiss manufacturer. The Ergo 360° concept promises to ensure an ideal fit and, in combination with the new carbon sole, set a new benchmark in terms of stiffness. Suplest claim that the stiffness of the sole has increased by 11% compared to its predecessor, despite being even lighter. Our size 43 test shoes weighed 292 g and 298 g each. Sounds promising! Can the shoes deliver?

Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro on test

The Suplest road bike shoes are quite the lookers. The carbon sole and the Carbonshield tongue are neatly joined to the microfiber upper, making a high-quality impression. The brand’s logo has been nicely integrated into the design of the shoe and isn’t overly conspicuous. As with bicycle helmets or saddles, the fit of a road bike shoe is personal and should be assessed individually by each rider. Suplest’s shoes tend to be rather narrow and should definitely be tried before buying. The cleat markings on the sole of the shoe are very helpful in positioning your cleats. Weighing just under 300 g per shoe in size 43, the Suplests are quite heavy for high-performance road shoes, considering the fact that competitors offer shoes for under 250 g in this price range.

Making life easier
The markings underneath the sole are helpful when positioning your cleats
Staying put
The non-slip fabric at the heels prevents your feet from slipping out

It’s immediately apparent that the Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro shoes are not made for leisurely Sunday rides. The flat and super stiff carbon sole offers direct power transmission, making the EDGE+ a high-performance pro racing shoe. The moment you clip in you’ll be motivated to step on the gas! Fortunately, all that performance doesn’t come at the cost of comfort either. The shoes conform snugly to your feet and the BOA dials allow you to tighten and loosen them on the fly. Once you’re done riding, the dials can be released instantly to quickly slip out of the shoes. The SOLESTAR insoles are definitely not for weight weenies, but they offer excellent support and don’t create any hot spots even on extended rides.

Easy fix
The BOA IP1 dials can easily be exchanged if they are ever damaged, which makes a lot of sense on a high-performance shoe!
Insoles included
The SOLESTAR insoles are not particularly light but they are very comfortable

Our conclusion on the Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro

The Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro are not the lightest shoes in the high-performance sector, but they offer immediate and efficient power transmission, good comfort and high-quality workmanship. Therefore, they’re ideally suited for long days at the races and their simple yet elegant design is a good match for almost every bike.


  • direct power transmission
  • high level of comfort
  • high-quality workmanship


  • quite heavy for a high-performance shoe

Price: € 359
Weight: 295 g in size 43
Tester: Philipp
Duration: 4 Months
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