As unusual as the collaboration between Specialized and Fjällräven seemed at first, the results speak for themselves. Available for € 180, the Specialized/Fjällräven Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT cargo bib shorts could turn out to be the ultimate pack mule on test, featuring 5 pockets on the back and 1 pocket per leg.

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The 2023 Specialized/Fjällräven Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT | € 180

Specs and quality of the Specialized/Fjällräven Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT

The Specialized/Fjällräven Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT don’t just have one of the longest names in our test field, but also the most pockets, but more on that later. They’re exclusively available in olive green. This is in line with the current trend of muted natural tones, and works well on the adventures they’re designed for. The workmanship is impeccable, and the 4-way stretch outer fabric feels pleasant on the skin. The seams are clean and neat, too. We’re less pleased with the fact that only the cuffs make use of flat seams – at this price we would have expected more flat seams.
The shorts are produced in China, which is common in the industry. Nevertheless, it would have been good for the price and image of Specialized and Fjällräven if they were produced in Europe.

Cargo functionality of the Specialized/Fjällräven Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT

The two central back pockets are big, measuring 17.5 x 14 cm. As the collaborating brands promise, you can easily use the pockets for a water bottle. However, we recommend that you leave the bottle in the bottle cage and use the pockets for a rain jacket, giant energy bars or a falafel yufka instead. We like the fact that the two large pockets overlap the waistband at the bottom, so you can wear shorts over the bibs if necessary and still use the pockets as before. Another advantage is that large, stiff objects don’t get pressed into your back, as is the case with pockets that are flush.
The two side pockets on the back measure 9.5 x 12 cm and are very easily accessible due to their position, making them perfect for bars or other snacks on the go. They’re significantly smaller than the main back pockets, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for – a plus in safety while riding.
The legs are perfectly cut, offering a tight fit and making the 15 x 15 cm leg pockets safely and easily accessible.

Nice to see: the large back pockets overlap the waistband.

The colour scheme of the Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT is at home when going off-road. Due to the olive green, the mesh pockets on the legs are clearly visible even when empty. We like that you can see the Specialized/Fjällräven logo through the mesh – after all, you’ll eventually eat that energy bar.

Safety/visibility of the Specialized/Fjällräven Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT

You’ll find two strikingly large reflectors behind the leg pockets. They can’t be overlooked and remain visible even with leg pockets stuffed full. That’s not always the case, as with Rapha, for example, who put the reflectors behind the mesh of the pockets.
Due to the easy accessibility of the pockets, you can distribute your snacks widely and still reach them without having to dislocate your shoulder.

Wide reflective strips on the left and right ensure sufficient visibility

Comfort of the Specialized/Fjällräven Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT

The bib shorts rely on 4-way stretch material and a chamois that conforms to the shape of your body – how could that be uncomfortable? It can’t. The Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT work well in terms of their temperature regulating properties. They dry quickly and are suitable for warm temperatures. The chamois doesn’t rub, retains its shape, and doesn’t sit through even after long rides. It’s said to have been specially developed for Specialized’s in-house saddles, but we found that it also works on other saddles.
There’s a women’s model available, too, featuring a women’s specific cut and chamois – that’s how it should be!

The chamois of the Specialized/Fjällräven Adventure Bib Shorts SWAT.

It’s lonely at the top with 7 pockets. The sensible arrangement of the pockets, outstanding storage capacity and large reflectors make these bibs very practical. We think € 180 is fair considering these pack mule capabilities! Due to their colour scheme, they aren’t universal and are more likely to be associated with off-road cycling. The cargo shorts are the perfect choice if you want to ride without having to rely on the pockets of a jersey and like to play hide and seek in the forest.


  • 7 useful pockets
  • overlapping back pockets
  • large reflectors that remain visible even when loaded
  • gravel style


  • lack of colours to choose from
  • few flat seams

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For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: Which are the best cargo bibs of 2023 – 13 cargo bib shorts in review.

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Words: Christoph Staudinger Photos: Peter Walker