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Sidi turns 60 – exclusive first ride review of the Sidi Sixty anniversary shoe

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Italian brand present their brand new Sidi Sixty shoe. Is this another milestone in the company’s long history? For our exclusive review, Sidi sent us a strictly limited version of the shoe in a unique snake leather pattern!

Sidi Sixty Limited Edition Snake I 522 g in size 42 I € 349

60 years of shoe history

Everyone starts out small, even what is one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the bicycle and motorcycle industry today. Exactly 60 years ago, Dino Signori (Sidi) started producing hiking and sports shoes in an old barn in Maser, Veneto. He used a Vespa to test how his products would stand up to wind and weather and he used that experience to make further refinements. The country flourished, la dolce vita became the way of life for an entire generation and Sidi simultaneously rode a wave of success. In the 1970s, Dino Signori decided to focus his expertise and specialise in making motorcycle and bicycle shoes. What luck for road cyclists at the time! Sidi invented their proprietary clipless system in 1973 and athletes no longer had to screw their shoes to the pedals. Further innovations and products in the cyclocross and mountain bike sector followed in the form of nylon soles and velcro straps made cycling that much more enjoyable. With continuing product innovations, Sidi expanded their focus, encompassing good design as a key part of their shoes at the beginning of the 90s. Iconic models were born and the foundations for the design of today’s road bike shoes were laid. Dino Signori said that he was always the first to come and the last to go to the factory. He still runs his company with the same determination, discipline and passion today, and demands the same from his athletes. The rigours of competition are meant to push the products to their limits and the feedback gained flows into the development of even better shoes. “The future is still to be written.” That’s exactly where we are today with our exclusive review of the limited anniversary version Sidi Sixty.

Sidi Sixty on test

The brand new Sidi Sixty Limited Edition Snake clearly takes its inspiration from the animal kingdom. We immediately draw connections with attributes such as strength and speed and we can confirm: this impression isn’t misleading! The hand-made Vent Carbon sole is extremely stiff, making for efficient power transmission. Thanks to the fine adjustment of the TECNO-4 closure system, the Sixty conforms to your feet for a snug fit without creating hot spots, even if the mechanism may not be quite as intuitive to use as the BOA system. One clever feature that’s practical in everyday life, whether adjusting the shoe while riding or throwing them off after a long ride, is the ability to completely loosen the laces and open the closure mechanism in one simple step. Just lift the tab on the buckle and pull it up. Done!

The TECNO-4 closure mechanism can be loosened…
…and opened within seconds. Brilliantly solved!

Is it possible to improve something as supposedly banal as a velcro strap? Si! Additional interlocking teeth made of small plastic hooks further prevent slippage, meaning the shoe’s velcro strap stays in place no matter how long or hard you pedal. Sidi have even given some thought to sustainability in the design of the sole. The heel block, which often wears out first, can be replaced, giving the Sixty a much longer service life. The adjustable ventilation at the front of the sole is another clever feature. It’s a nice way to prevent your feet from overheating in summer.

Disguised as just another boring Velcro strap…
…the hidden, interlocking teeth are extremely practical!

The snazzy Snake edition of the Sidi Sixty is limited to 150 units in Germany and available in 16 sizes. Egan Bernal has already snagged himself a pair of golden Sixtys and the Snake edition is available at your local dealer now.

Say goodbye to sweaty feet! The adjustable ventilation ports in the front of the sole lets you adapt to different conditions.

Sidi Sixty in conclusion

The new Sixty does absolute justice to Sidi’s 60th anniversary. Technical refinements have been perfectly combined with existing know-how, and it’s clear that there are years of experience crammed into every detail. The result is a great shoe for the performance-oriented cyclist with normal to narrow feet, delivering top-end performance that we couldn’t fault.

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Words: Philipp Schwab Photos: Benajamin Topf, Valentin Rühl