Shimano are continuing to flex their muscles on the sports camera market, with their latest drop aiming to muscle up against the GoPro Hero 5. Here’s the lowdown on their latest high-tech gizmo.

Out of the box: the CM-2000 comes with a host of accessories, including compatibility with the standard GoPro mount.

Never miss a shot!

Its biggest draw appears to be what Shimano have dubbed ‘Data-Link Recording’, which is basically an automatic recording function that clicks in once you’ve surpassed a certain speed (provided you’ve set your CM-2000 up with your Garmin using ANT+), hit a certain heart rate (such 175 bpm), or you’re riding at a certain cadence. The CM-2000 links with your phone via bluetooth. Plus, once you’ve dialed the app-based mobile device setup, you can assign certain GPS locations on the app before heading out for your ride, essentially asking the camera to start recording at point A until point B. In addition, you can watch the footage in real-time on your smartphone as a live viewer, so you can check whether the settings are correct. You can also use the smartphone app to adjust the brightness, angle of view, exposure or white balance if necessary.

Practical: There’s a removable lens protector to protect the sensitive part from road spray and the like.
The two buttons are really easy to use and you can also link up your smartphone as an alternative.

Our thoughts

The CM-2000 goes way beyond just taking good quality recordings, as it allows you to concentrate on what really matters. Once the camera is set up for the ride, it’ll only record the essential parts of the ride that you want to re-live in their glory afterwards, therefore saving both battery life and boredom. Moreover, any data recorded during your ride can be inserted into the video later. The CM-2000 comes with an array of accessories and it’s compatible with the standard GoPro mount. With its well-chosen features and very decent 1440 p, 30 fps HD video, we reckon the Shimano Sports Cam CM-2000 could truly become your third eye.

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Words: Photos: Wouter Rosenboom