Introducing the 2023 ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap. Priced at €8,199 for the flagship model, the all-round race bike promises to strike the perfect balance between weight and aerodynamics. ROSE went all out on the 2023 model, designing a new frame, wheels and a one-piece carbon cockpit. Has all their work paid off?

ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap 2023 | € 8,199 | 7.3 kg (size 57) | Manufacturer’s website

The 2023 ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap is touted as an all-round race bike featuring the latest trends of this segment. With its dropped seat stays, complete integration, one-piece cockpit, D-shaped seat post with an integrated clamp and the tubeless-ready wheels, the bike is quite the looker. The disc brakes and electronic shifting are hardly worth mentioning in this segment.

When the German omnichannel brand sent us their new bike, we were pleasantly surprised as we unpacked it. The 2023 ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap made a good first impression. It features clean lines, beautiful wheels, complete integration, and a nice colour scheme with discreet yet clearly present decals, leaving us with one thought: how does it ride?

Whether flat or mountainous, the new ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap 2023 should feel at home on a variety of race tracks.

The 2023 XLITE 06 RED eTap is marketed as an all-round that’s both light and aerodynamic. Whether you live in the mountains or lowlands, it promises to deliver on a wide variety of terrain. As such, the ROSE is in direct competition with the popular Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL7 (review here), and it looks very similar too.

Comparing the new 2023 XLITE 06 with the previous 2020 X-LITE SIX

Since the 2023 XLITE 06 RED eTap looks completely different from its predecessor, the X-LITE SIX SRAM RED eTap (review here), we thought we’d take a closer look at the differences and similarities. The frame and design are entirely new, with ROSE choosing bright colours and a very sporty look. The internal cable on the electric models featuring SRAM’s wireless groupset is very neat, clamping the brake lines to the bottom of the handlebar before routing them into the frame. You only see a short piece of the brake lines where they exit the frame just before the brake callipers. A significant improvement from the previous model.

The integration is brilliantly solved, the shifting on SRAM models is wireless and the brake lines are clamped into the handlebars from below and disappear into the wheel.

While being more aerodynamic, the 2023 XLITE 06 is 400 g heavier than its predecessor, which isn’t something you see often on new models. The old X-LITE SIX with the SRAM RED eTap groupset weighed in at just 6.9 kg in size 57, whereas the 2023 06 RED eTap weighs 7.3 kg in the same size. The added weight is predominantly due to the deep profile rims and wider tires. According to ROSE, the size 50 frame of the old ROSE X-LITE SIX weighs 790 g while the XLITE SIX tips the scales at 825 g. The respective smaller siblings aka cheaper models also show the same behaviour: The old X-LITE FOUR weighs 890 g, while the scale of the new XLITE 04 stops at 950 g. There’s a clear struggle between weight and aerodynamics going on here.

The new XLITE 06 has deeper rims and thicker tyres.

They’ve also made changes to the geometry. Compared to the previous model, we were struck by the 13 mm shorter top tube, measuring 558 mm in size 57. The stack height has also been reduced by 15 mm, coming in at 557 mm. The seat and head tube angles have remained the same. Likewise, the maximum payload will still accommodate riders weighing up to 110 kg. However, the maximum tire width has been increased to 32 mm. Wider tires offer improved comfort, resulting in less fatigue, and they’re also claimed to roll quicker while feeling more confidence-inspiring through the corners. ROSE are right on trend.

Thicker tyres provide more comfort and, depending on the surface, also better power transmission, plus they feel safer when leaning.

The ROSE XLITE 06 and its in-house components

ROSE no longer just make their own frames and forks and build their bikes in Germany; they’ve expanded their expertise to include the designing of components. On the XLITE, they’re relying on in-house components for the handlebar, wheels, and seat post. They make a good first impression and help keep the price as competitive as it is.

With the ROSE XLITE, ROSE relies on handlebars, wheels and seatpost from its own portfolio.

Take the ROSE RC SIXTY carbon wheels, for example, which feature on 4 out of the 5 available builds. They’re 60 mm deep, have an internal width of 21 mm, are tubeless-ready and are paired with NEWMEN hubs. The carbon rims are laced to the hubs with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and have internal nipples. Moreover, they have an asymmetric profile to balance out the one-sided braking forces. According to ROSE, the set weighs 1620 g. The XLITE 04 is available with ROSE R Thirty Disc or ROSE R Thirty Disc Light wheels made from aluminium. The standard version weighs 1650 g for the set while the Light version comes in at 1550 g. Both wheelset options are laced to NEWMEN hubs and feature a profile height and internal rim width of 19 and 31 mm respectively. Their only drawback is the less aerodynamic, shallow profile. Here, on the one hand, the aerodynamic advantage compared to the higher rims is foregone, but this can benefit driving stability in crosswinds. On the other hand, the smaller inner rim width provides less support for wide tyres, i.e. especially if you mount 32C tyres, they will start to waltz sooner than with the RC SIXTY rims with 2 mm wider inner rim width.

The RC SIXTY carbon rims offer an aerodynamic advantage.
The RC SIXTY rims come in combination with NEWMEN hubs.
The RC SIXTY rims made of carbon have a rim height of 60 mm, an inner width of 21 mm and are tubeless-ready.
The RC SIXTY rims are spoked with Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes with internal nipples and have an asymmetric profile to compensate for the unilateral forces of the disc brake.

The one-piece ROSE Race Carbon cockpit feels nice to the touch, especially if you like the feel of raw carbon. However, the aero cockpit is reserved for the ROSE XLITE 06 series with electronic shifting as the XLITE 04 series comes fitted with a classic two-piece stem and handlebar. According to ROSE, the one-piece Race Carbon cockpit complies with stringent safety standards (Zedler Adv+) and the 110/420 mm version weighs just 395 g. It’s available in four sizes that depend on frame size. To put the rider in an aggressive position, the stem is angled at -9°. The drop-bar has a reach of 83 mm, paired with a 130 mm drop and an astounding 3° flare. While this used to be restricted to the gravel bike scene, we’re seeing it pop up on more and more road bikes. With the drops flared slightly outwards, you’ve got more control and stability in that position. The tops, on the other hand, are narrower, making that position slightly more aerodynamic than with a standard handlebar.

The ROSE Race Carbon One-Piece cockpit has a beautiful feel – if you like touching bare carbon, you’ll get your money’s worth here!
The brake lines are clamped into the handlebars from below.
Due to the slightly outwardly placed drops, the bike conveys better control and more safety in the lower handlebars.

Moreover, ROSE claim that the one-piece cockpit is easy to remove and doesn’t require you to disconnect the brake lines. Speaking of which, the ROSE XLITE is easy to put together once it arrives and doesn’t require any special know-how. All you have to do is turn the handlebar, instal the wheels, insert the seat post and screw on the pedals. The one-piece cockpit comes with a mount for your GPS device, offering an adjustable angle and a GoPro mount on the bottom. Cool!

The handlebar-stem combination is complemented by a bicycle computer mount.
The bike computer mount is adjustable in angle.

The carbon seat post is D-shaped, matching the shape of the frame tubes and underlining the fast look of the 2023 XLITE 06 as well as the XLITE 04.

Components of the 2023 ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap and other builds

The ROSE XLITE is available in a total of 9 builds, with sizes ranging from 50–62. Four of them are part of the XLITE 04 range, which rely on the heavier T30/40 HM/HT carbon layup, whereas the remaining five XLITE 06 models benefit from the lighter T40/60 UHM/HT carbon frame.

The XLITE 06 is made of the lighter T40/60 UHM/HT carbon.

We tested the size 57 of the 2023 XLITE 06 RED eTap in the Borealis Green/Chalk colourway in size 57, and there was nothing to complain about regarding the SRAM RED eTap AXS drivetrain on the flagship model. Shimano fans will be happy to hear that there’s a DURA-ACE option too. That said, the eTap drivetrain offers precise, reliable and almost silent shifting. The brakes are easy to modulate and instil you with confidence.

The eTap shifts precisely, reliably and almost silently.
The brakes can be dosed well…
…and convey confidence.

Considering the target group of the 2023 XLITE 06, it would have been nice if there was a power metre included, which isn’t the case, unfortunately. If this is something you need, you could retrofit the SRAM RED AXS Power Meter Kit for an additional €650.

Unfortunately, the new ROSE XLITE does not have a power meter. Either you retrofit one yourself or you mount power measurement pedals.

The claimed weight of the ROSE XLITE 06 is between 6.9 and 7.3 kg in size 50. The ULTEGRA groupset which costs 4,199€ is available with the ROSE R Thirty Disc Light wheelset and the two-piece cockpit consisting of a Ritchey Comp Streem II handlebar and a ROSE Square stem. The Shimano DURA-ACE Di2, Shimano ULTEGRA Di2, SRAM FORCE eTap AXS and SRAM RED eTap AXS groupsets are available with the 60 mm deep ROSE RC SIXTY carbon wheels, which are fitted with 28C Schwalbe Pro One TT tires featuring the retro tan wall look. These variants all come with the one-piece ROSE Race Carbon cockpit and the Fizik Antares Versus Evo R5 saddle. The ROSE XLITE 06 is available in Borealis Green/Chalk or matt carbon.

The Schwalbe Pro One TT tyres in 28C with the retro tan wall look are a real eye-catcher!

The ROSE XLITE 04 is claimed to weigh between 7.3 and 8.1 kg in size 50, it rolls on 28C Continental GP 5000 tires, and they’ve decided to stick with the Fizik Antares Versus Evo R5 for the saddle. Depending on the model, you can choose between the mechanical Shimano 105 or ULTEGRA groupsets or the electronic Shimano ULTEGRA Di2 or SRAM FORCE eTap AXS groupsets. The available colours include Chalk, Bottermelk and Aggro Papaya.

ROSE offers you the choice between the colours Borealis Green/Chalk and Matt Carbon for the frame of the XLITE 06.

Pricing for the 2023 XLITE 06 ranges from €4,199 to €8,199. Its small brother, the XLITE 04 featuring the heavier carbon layup and more affordable spec ranges in price from €2,999 to €4,79. Due to supply chain issues, you will have to wait until autumn this year for the ROSE XLITE 06 models featuring the one-piece ROSE Race Carbon cockpit. Fortunately, some of the ROSE XLITE 04 models that rely on mechanical groupsets like the Shimano 105 or ULTEGRA are in stock and ready to be shipped.

ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap 2023 | € 8,199 | 6.9 kg
ROSE XLITE 06 FORCE eTap 2023 | € 5,999 | 7.2 kg
ROSE XLITE 06 DURA ACE Di2 2023 | € 7,999 | 6.9 kg
ROSE XLITE 06 ULTEGRA Di2 2023 | € 5,999 | 7.1 kg
ROSE XLITE 06 ULTEGRA 2023 | € 4,199 | 7.3 kg
ROSE XLITE 04 FORCE eTap AXS 2023 | € 4,799 | 7.4 kg
ROSE XLITE 04 ULTEGRA Di2 2023 | € 4,599 | 7.3 kg
ROSE XLITE 04 ULTEGRA 2023 | € 3,299 | 7.8 kg
ROSE XLITE 04 105 2023 | € 2,999 | 8.1 kg

The geometry of the 2023 XLITE RED eTap

The geometry of the 2023 XLITE 06 RED eTap is clearly aimed at sporty and performance-oriented riders. Sitting on the bike, you’ve got to bend over low to reach the bars since there are zero spacers beneath the stem, making for a low cockpit and an aerodynamic riding position. This position is amplified by the shorter top tube compared to the predecessor.

Size 50 53 55 57 59 62
Seattube 430 mm 460 mm 480 mm 500 mm 525 mm 565 mm
Toptube 504 mm 523 mm 541 mm 558 mm 575 mm 593 mm
Headtube 105 mm 120 mm 135 mm 152 mm 168 mm 192 mm
Headangle 71.0° 72.0° 72.5° 73.0° 73.3° 73.5°
Seatangle 75.5° 75.0° 74.5° 74.0° 74.0° 74.0°
Chainstays 410 mm 410 mm 410 mm 410 mm 410 mm 410 mm
BB Drop 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 69 mm 69 mm 69 mm
Wheelbase 975 mm 980 mm 990 mm 998 mm 1,013 mm 1,027 mm
Reach 372 mm 382 mm 391 mm 398 mm 410 mm 422 mm
Stack 508 mm 526 mm 542 mm 557 mm 573 mm 597 mm
Helmet Abus Viantor MIPS | Glasses 100% Sagan LE S3 | Jersey Velocio Signature Zipperless Jersey
Bibs Velocio LUXE Bib Short | Socks Velocio Signature Wool Socks | Shoes Specialized S-Works Torch

How does it ride? The 2023 ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap in review

The moment you climb aboard the 2023 ROSE XLITE and step on the pedals, you’ll hear the buzzing of the 60 mm deep rims and feel every pedal stroke being transferred to the road, encouraging you to pedal even harder and feel the wind in your hair.

The XLITE 06 feels particularly at home on flat terrain, downhill and on rolling hills.

The XLITE is a road bike that does exactly what it should – it’s fast and efficient. As soon as you get up out of the saddle to sprint, the bike responds accordingly and surges forward, which is largely down to the frame’s ample stiffness. Due to the somewhat heavy wheels, it isn’t the quickest out the gate, though you’ll only notice then when starting from a standstill. Once you’ve got the ROSE XLITE RED eTap up to speed, it rolls along very efficiently. As such, the ROSE feels most at home on flat topography, descents and rolling hills.

Comfort and efficiency are opposites, and even if the best bikes try to combine both – the result will remain a compromise in most cases.

Comfort and efficiency are always in a tug of war: as the one goes up, the other usually goes down. It’s no different on the 2023 ROSE XLITE, which sacrifices some comfort for more stiffness. It’s a thoroughbred race bike after all, and it hasn’t found a miraculous solution to this age-old problem. That said, it isn’t overly harsh and provides a balanced level of comfort between the front and rear. By swapping the tires for wider 32 mm models and setting them up tubeless, you can make the 2023 ROSE XLITE RED eTap quite a bit more comfortable.

Tip: Never let go of the handlebars completely in gusty winds or crosswinds!

However, inexperienced riders shouldn’t let themselves get put off by this since the handling of the 2023 ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap is generally confidence-inspiring.

The RED eTap brakes, the grip of the Schwalbe Pro One TT 28C tyres and the handling all contribute to a high level of confidence and safety.

Tuning tip for beginners: shallower profile rims. The RED eTap brakes, the grip offered by the 28 mm Schwalbe Pro ONE TT tires and the handling all contribute to a high level of control and confidence.

Only less deep rims may be advisable depending on rider taste and ability.

Our conclusion on the 2023 ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap

ROSE seem to have done a lot right with the new XLITE, delivering in terms of performance. The in-house components make a good impression overall and are on par with the otherwise high-end spec. As such, the 2023 ROSE XLITE 06 RED eTap is able to keep up with the more expensive high-performance bikes of its class. More than just a hanger-on, it represents an attractive entry into the aero segment, offering damn good looks and excellent performance at a fair price.


  • coherent concept at a fair price
  • balanced handling for most skill-levels
  • sexy looking design


  • no power metre
The ROSE XLITE offers an attractive entry into the aero sector – and looks damn good, performs very well and comes at an absolutely fair price.

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Words: Simon Hänle Photos: Simon Hänle