Honestly speaking, we were a little disappointed when we first got our hands on the Ritte Ace. Nope, not because of the spec or how it rides (we were yet to try it), but because of its mega understated white paintjob. We were stunned: who would buy a Ritte in virginal white when the Californian company are renowned, in fact legendary, for their incredible paint jobs?


Ritte founder Spencer Canon has a penchant for bikes and nice cars, and it’s no secret that Ritte bikes draw inspiration from vintage racecars from the ‘60s and ‘70s, taking design cues from their bold colourways. Since 2010, Ritte have always proudly travelled upstream, declaring their motto as ‘bicycles for fun and glory.’.

Ritte Ace | 6.78 kg | € 2,899 (Frameset)
Ritte Ace | 6.78 kg | € 2,899 (Frameset)
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Since 2015, the Ace has been the top dog of Ritte’s road bike inventory, intended as a true racing machine – a promise it lives up to. The Ace has great acceleration and shows virtual perfection in terms of rigidity and comfort. The handling is satisfyingly precise on the flat, but steep, sinuous descents left some of the amateur riders a little uncertain, expecting a more confidence-inspiring front end.
Both in the UK and Germany, the bike is largely only available as a frame kit with optional build kits, so we don’t want to waste words on the lightweight SRAM Red components that it was carrying. The Zipp 404 wheels look like a good option for regular use, but they proved a little susceptible to side winds, so 303-ers would be a wiser choice.

Details of the Ritte Ace

Klassisch & Charakterstark: Die kantig-markanten Rohre des Ritte verleihen dem Bike einen eigenen Charakter, den man erst auf den zweiten Blick sieht. Zeitlos. Klassisch. Schön.
Keeping it classy: The edgy striking tubes give the Ritte a very unique character. Timeless. Classy.
Weiss & Grau: Ritte-Bikes haben normalerweise die geilsten Paintjobs. Unser Modell übte sich jedoch in vornehmer Zurückhaltung.
White & Grey: Ritte have some of the greatest paint jobs in the industry, but our test model put more value on understament.
Leicht: Die SRAM Red Gruppe ist sehr leicht und gibt sich gewohnt zuverlässig.
Light: The SRAM Red groupset is very light and reliable as always.

Specifications of the Ritte Ace

  • Drivetrain: SRAM Red 22
  • Gears: Chainrings: 50/34 | Cassette: 11-26
  • Brakes: SRAM Red 22
  • Tyres: Vee Tire Co. Apache 25mm
  • Wheelset: Zipp 404
  • Weight: 6,78 kg
  • Price: From € 2,899 (Frameset)
Geometry of the Ritte Ace
Geometry of the Ritte Ace


Who should buy this Ritte? If you’re on the hunt for a performance bike, then the Ace won’t disappoint with its flawless setup and a stylish modesty that’s rare for Ritte. For less confident riders, the Ace offers a touch too little smoothness and stability at the front.


  • Solid ride, excellent design
  • Comfy geometry


  • Front-end could be more confidence-inspiring

For more information check the Ritte Webiste.

About the test

With 10 test riders descending on Barcelona from across the globe, we dedicated 9 days to pushing this season’s most exclusive and exciting and exciting bikes to their limits in a one-of-a-kind group test. Each rider brought his or her own specific experience to the process, with a test team comprised of four women and six men, including former Tour de France riders, biomechanics, bike shop owners, tour guides and amateur riders. In short: a gathering of highly experienced and well-versed road riding enthusiasts. Our goal was a simple one, to give you all the information needed to make you a winner: Why? Becuase life’s too short to ride the wrong bikes.

For an overview of the test fleet head to the main article: The 10 most exclusive and exciting bikes in Test

All bikes in test: Storck Aernario Platinum G1 | Specialized S-Works Venge | Focus Izalco Max Disc“ | Festka One LT Dazzle | Crema Doma | Cervelo C5 | Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 | Bianchi Specialissima | Trek Madone 9.9


Words: Markus Ybanez, Robin Schmitt, Emmie Collinge Photos: Constantin Gerlach, Klaus Kneist, Christoph Bayer

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