Prioritizing warmth, visibility and protection against the elements, Rapha have given their collections an overhaul to see us through chilly fall and winter riding. Having long been a pioneer when it comes to stylishly sophisticated and high performance cycling garb, their latest drop is no different. Plus, bang on time for the hotly anticipated Rapha Super Cross München 2016 at the end of October, the brand drop their cyclocross collection (amongst others) and it’s already garnering a whole lot of attention.

Earlier this month, the high-end British brand showcased their New Season Collection, split into palatable categories including Classics, Pro Team, Brevet, Souplesse, Cross, City and Core. Meticulously designed with a host of materials that are crafted to excel against the elements, these Rapha collections span the spectrum of riding, from urban to endurance, male to female, filthy cyclocross conditions to cutting-edge professionalism.


We’ll break down it down for you:


This is the original Rapha as we know and love it, with tactile fabrics, high quality merino and well-cut designs. The ultimate all-round pieces to see you through the coming short days.

rapha-new-winter-collection-20161 rapha-new-winter-collection-20162
rapha-new-winter-collection-202164-580x870 rapha-new-winter-collection-201632-580x870

Pro Team

While it’s designed to meet the high standards of pros, this collection is by no means elitist – expect the finest, lightest, and most technologically advanced materials for riding. Your best bet if there’s bad weather forecasted.

rapha-new-winter-collection-20162 rapha-new-winter-collection-20162


Brevet is all about the distance and putting in the miles this winter according to Rapha. With cool designs incorporating reflective strips, you won’t have to limit your ride to the minimal hours of sun either. Fast-drying and with generous pockets, this is the range for long hours in the saddle.

rapha-new-winter-collection-20161 rapha-new-winter-collection-20162


You might have to cross the city but you’ll never have to forsake style. Marrying Rapha’s performance know-how with their sartorial suaveness, the City collection embodies everything we love about urban riding.

rapha-new-winter-collection-20161 rapha-new-winter-collection-20164
rapha-new-winter-collection-201632-1-580x870 rapha-new-winter-collection-201622-3-580x870


Exclusively designed for female riders, the Souplesse collection is designed for winter training in all manner of conditions as well as withstanding intense training sessions. The Thermal Bib Shorts are new for winter 2016, eradicating any excuses you might have to stay at home.

rapha-new-winter-collection-20161 rapha-new-winter-collection-20162


Back to basics. Satisfyingly simple in their design without compromising on their performance, the Core collection holds the essentials that you’ll grab when you just want to get out and ride without overthinking it. Rapha call it the ‘training-day staples for road cyclists.’

rapha-new-winter-collection-20161 rapha-new-winter-collection-20162


The latest collection to enrapture anyone who loves churning up mud in minus degrees. The design stems from their Super Cross Race series and features cyclocross-specific constructions such as the padded shoulder and aptly chosen merino wool fabric for those cooler cross races. Those lining up on a start line every weekend will be best served with the Cross Long Sleeve Pro Team Aero Jersey, while more sporadic forays into cross racing should grab the Super Cross Jersey for starters. In an ever-growing discipline of the sport, Rapha are also catering equally to female riders with a cross-specific jersey feature in the Souplesse collection.

rapha-new-winter-collection-20161 rapha-new-winter-collection-20162

Speaking of Rapha and cyclocross: Hitting Munich on the 29th and 30th October, Rapha are staging the third edition of the Rapha Super Cross München. As an event, it has already cemented its position on the European cross calendar, and dishes up an array of racing opportunities for all ages, skill sessions and social rides. Where better to put their new race-orientated Cross collection to the test?

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Words: Jonas Kaesler Photos: Rapha