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POC News 2020: Helmet with NFC Chip, Lightning-fast Adaptive Lens

At POC, safety and innovation have always been their highest priority. First responders can now immediately access all the most critical information via an NFC chip on the new Ventral Air NFC and the lens of the limited edition Aspire Solar Switch instantly adapts to changes in light – without any additional power source.

The POC Ventral Air SPIN NFC has an NFC chip integrated into it that can be used to store personal and medical data for emergencies

Safety has always been high on the list of priorities for the Swedish brand, which they approach in three stages. The first stage includes the basics, like a perfect fit – only a helmet that fits well can protect well, the second stage includes the active, actual protection in the event of a crash, and the third stage is about everything that will help rescue the rider after the fact. They’ve already taken measures such as using striking colours for the helmets as part of the AVIP program, aiding rescue workers in spotting injured riders more quickly. What comes next? Valuable time is lost when first responders have to find out all the medical details, and in the worst case, they’re not informed about allergies or other special conditions.

The system was developed by twICEme and they aim to bring it to the masses and make it as widespread as the well-known RECCO system, which is also integrated into the helmet. The data can be uploaded via a free twICEme app.
The information can be accessed via the app’s visually appealing interface or with any NFC-enabled iOS or Android phone.
You can store a variety of data, immediately informing the rescue service about certain conditions such as asthma, pacemakers, diabetes and the like and allowing them to respond accordingly.

Here the NFC system comes into play. The concept is very simple: using the app developed by twICEme, you can store all your relevant personal and medical data on the NFC chip integrated into the helmet: your name, address, blood type, allergies, special medical facts like a pacemaker, asthma and much more. The data can be accessed via the app or with any NFC-enabled iOS or Android phone. Rescue services are also equipped and trained to identify and use the symbol on the helmet. POC hope to see system reach the mass market and become just as widespread as the RECCO system.

For the time being, the system will only be available on the black-and-white Ventral Air SPIN NFC, priced at € 270.

For now, of their road helmets, only the Ventral Air SPIN NFC will have the system. Except for the symbol and the chip itself, the helmet is identical to the normal Ventral Air SPIN, except for the black and white colour scheme, which isn’t available for the regular version. The Ventral Air SPIN NFC is priced at € 270, 20 € more than the regular Ventral Air SPIN, and it will be available from spring.

Aspire Solar Switch – lightning-quick adaptivity without batteries

The POC Aspire Solar Switch automatically adapts to changes in light within a fraction of a second – no battery required

The new POC Aspire Solar Switch presents an exciting technological highlight. Thanks to light sensors, the liquid crystal film in the glass reacts to changes in light and instantly changes from a category 3 to a category 4 tint and back. This promises to offer increased safety, particularly on fast descents in changing light conditions (short tunnels or forest sections), as this will allow you to keep both hands on the handlebars. The best part is that it works with sunlight and doesn’t require an additional power source, allowing POC to keep it nice and slim and making the Aspire Solar Switch hardly distinguishable from the regular Aspire sunglasses – except for the sensors that shimmer through the lens.

Visually, they’re difficult to distinguish from the regular POC Aspire sunglasses
It’s only upon closer inspection that you’ll recognise the sensors in the upper part of the lens

The downside: For now, the Aspire Solar Switch will only be available only as a special edition limited to 250 pieces, and it will set you back by a whopping € 379.

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