How do you combine a road bike kit that is uncompromisingly tailored for performance with a modern, minimalist design? We slipped into the new Mechanism Pro collection, did a few quick rounds in Copenhagen with the product developers and designers, to provide you with first-hand insights of the new high-end collection from Pas Normal Studios.

The grapevine has been buzzing for a while now. When visiting Pas Normal Studios’ Flag Ship store in Copenhagen last year, we already had the feeling that their pioneering style and rapid growth would eventually lead to the UCI WorldTour peloton. With the Mechanism Pro collection, the Danes are getting set for the sprint to the finish line, because “the only thing missing now is the right team”, says Peter, CEO of Pas Normal Studios. The Copenhagen-based company is already in talks with a number of pro teams. However, chemistry and vision have to fit, and just one glance at the current Pro Team jerseys quickly reveals the extent of how big the design changes would have to be in order to match the Pas Normal Studios style.

The velodrome

To test the new Mechanism Pro collection, we went cycling with the product developers from Pas Normal Studios. Not just anywhere, of course, but where a fast kit is particularly important: in the velodrome. With its 45 degree and 6 metre tall curves, a constant high speed is the key to flying through the steep turns.

You don’t need gears or brakes here, just strong legs!

“Our best kit”

“This was our starting point”, explains William, who as a product developer has been involved in the creation process of the Mechanism Pro collection from the very beginning. Speed being their top priority, compelled the team to go the extra mile. For example, the fabrics for the collection were newly developed in collaboration with Italian textile specialists. It took several years of development to create the lightest possible kit which, thanks to the smart use of stretch and support zones, feels like a second skin, with no noticeable transitions on the arms and legs – we’re intrigued!

Slip into the high-tech kit and hit the track!

The new Mechanism Pro Bib Shorts

At just 157 g in size XL, the new Mechanism Pro Bib is a real lightweight and yet packed with innovative features. William is particularly proud of the stretch fabric, which provides the right amount of compression in each zone of the bib, optimising blood circulation, comfort and ultimately performance.

Instead of a silicone print, a woven-in spandex thread in the lower leg area provides support. This method is said to be significantly more durable than a silicone grip. The silk-like fabric of the abdominal and back parts is light, yet stable and contributes positively to the wear comfort.

A must-have for professionals: the pocket for the radio.

When it comes to the chamois, Pas Normal Studios rely on the tried and tested: The four-layer foam padding has been optimised over the years with the help of feedback from professionals and customers alike. However, the positioning of the chamois is adapted to a very stretched, speed optimised, riding position.

The new Mechanism Pro Base Layer

Down to the basics: The Mechanism Pro Base Layer is extremely breathable thanks to the knitted fabric and adapts precisely to your body shape. With a very flat, bonded seam and collar, the Pro Base Layer is designed to offer an imperceptible transition to the skin and to disappear invisibly under the jersey. At just 65 g in size XL, it’s also extremely lightweight.

The Mechanism Pro Jersey

The Mechanism Pro Jersey has been meticulously adapted to the demands of pro-level performance. Firstly, it features the newly developed stretch fabric with various compression zones, and secondly, the cut and the choice of fabrics are intended to create minimal air resistance especially in aggressive seating positions. The extremely sporty cut fits rather tightly around the abdominal area, the back pockets are set extra high up, so that even in the aero position nothing will fall out. At 71 g in size XL, you won’t find any excess fabric on this jersey.

The Mechanism Pro Zipless Jersey

If that’s still too much fabric for you and you’d rather go topless on those sweltering days, you’ll get your money’s worth with the gauzy Zipless Jersey.

The woven fabric is identical to the base layer, very breathable and, above all, see-through. As a result, you should apply sunscreen under the jersey on those sunny, sweltering days, otherwise you will probably get a stylish snakeskin patterned sunburn.


With the new Mechanism Pro collection, Pas Normal Studios point the way forward: The Danish high-fashion brand has had a huge influence on the look of the road cycling scene over the last few years but now also aims to be a big player in terms of functionality and performance. We are already looking forward to a very stylish WorldTour team and the first German Pas Normal Studios store, which will open its doors this summer in Munich.

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Words: Jan Richter Photos: Jan Richter, Pas Normal Studios