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Niner RLT e9 RDO – Presenting Niner’s E-gravel chameleon for a wide variety of terrain

With the Niner RLT e9 RDO, Niner claim to have invented a new type of bike: the gravel chameleon. Depending on your needs, it can function as an S-Pedelec, a gravel bike or a mountain bike. Check out our article to find whether they’ve succeeded or whether three bikes in one would require too much compromise.

Niner RLT e9 RDO | $ 5,695 | Manufacturer’s website

Niner proudly present their new gravel chameleon, the RLT e9 RDO. Subtle design features promise to make the E-gravel bike perform the duties of three bikes in one. While it might look like a regular gravel bike at first glance, you’ll quickly notice the Bosch motor. Like an S-Pedelec, it assists the rider up to a speed of 45km/h (up to 25 km/h for the European market). Thanks to its compatibility with mountain bike components, it promises to be as capable as a mountain bike. The new Niner RLT e9 RDO will be available from mid-October for $ 5,695, not too much for three bikes at once.

Gravel riding on the Niner RLT e9 RDO

In terms of performance and practicality, the new E-gravel bike is in no way inferior to the previous Niner RLT RDO. According to the American brand, the “race day optimized” carbon frame is equipped with semi-integrated mounts for strapless bags and luggage racks. This keeps the frame looking clean without bags attached. With the custom frame bag attached, there is still enough room for two bottle cages in the front triangle. Niner’s in-house luggage racks on the front and rear are certified to carry up to 18 kg each. The mounts for the luggage racks also serve to attach fenders. There’s an additional bag for small items or a spare tube between the seat tube and the rear wheel and four more bosses for bags on each side of the fork.

The front and rear luggage racks are approved to carry up to 18 kg each
The frame bag is held in place by semi-integrated mounts. Niner have also designed a bag that fits in the area between the seat tube and the tire
You can attach additional bags to the fork via four bosses on each side

E-biking with the Niner RLT e9 RDO

Even if they’re not explicitly designed for this, gravel bikes often make for good commuters, especially if they’re equipped with a powerful motor and a large battery. For the European market, the new Niner RLT e9 RDO comes equipped with Bosch’s proven Performance Line CX motor, offering support up to 25 km/h. For the international market, Niner rely on the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, which offers support all the way up to 45 km/h. The motors of both models are powered by a 500 Wh battery, which is integrated in the down tube and can be removed if necessary. The matching Bosch Purion display gets mounted in front of the stem.

For the international market, the bike is equipped with Bosch’s Performance Line Speed motor, offering assistance up to 45 km/h. In Europe, the assistance is limited to 25 km/h.
The display is mounted in front of the stem, to keep the drop bar as accessible as possible
Thanks to the powerful motor, the new Niner should make for a perfect commuter

Riding off-road with the Niner RLT e9 RDO

To allow you to venture even further off the beaten track, Niner have given the new RLT e9 RDO a few special features. The hubs and bottom bracket comply with the Boost spacing standard. As such, the axles measure 110 x 15 mm up front and 148 x 12 mm on the rear. The clearances in the frame accommodate up to 650 x 50B or 700 x 50C tires. Together with the Post Mount standard for up to 180 mm brake rotors, this should allow you to quickly swap out the wheels, drivetrain and handlebars with mountain bike brakes. The frame’s geometry and the tapered head tube are designed for the use of a 40 mm travel suspension fork. There’s even stealth cable routing for a dropper post.
The frame has been tested and approved according to mountain bike ISO standards. For even more peace of mind, Niner give a lifetime guarantee.

For added off-road capability, Niner have allowed for the use of mountain bike components
Even the groupset can be replaced with mountain bike components

The geometry in detail

The Niner RLT e9 RDO will be available in four sizes. Particularly worth mentioning are the 30.9 mm diameter seat tube and the 176 mm wide Q-factor.

Size 50 cm 53 cm 56 cm 59 cm
Seat tube 444 mm 474 mm 502 mm 532 mm
Top tube 531 mm 553 mm 577 mm 598 mm
Head tube 100 mm 117 mm 143 mm 163 mm
Head angle 70.5° 71.0° 71.5° 72.0°
Seat angle 74.0° 73.5° 73.0° 73.0°
Chainstay 450 mm 450 mm 450 mm 450 mm
BB Drop 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm
Wheelbase 1,032 mm 1,045 mm 1,062 mm 1,078 mm
Reach 371 mm 382 mm 394 mm 409 mm
Stack 558 mm 576 mm 598 mm 618 mm


The new Niner RLT e9 RDO looks very promising on paper. Seldom does a manufacturer succeed in designing a bike with which you can comfortably commute during the week, have fun off-road at the weekend or load up with bags for a bikepacking holiday. We will have to wait until mid-October when the new Niner RLT e9 RDO goes on sale for $ 5,695 to find out whether the concept of an ultra-versatile, off-road gravel E-bike will work or whether you’d be better off with a specific bike for each purpose.

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Words: Rudolf Fischer Photos: Niner Bikes