Synchronized Shifting, power measurement, hydraulic disc-brakes and wireless configuration – the new Shimano Dura-Ace seems to pack a lot of smart features. Here are the most important facts:

Die neue DURA-ACE R9100 soll noch effizienter sein.
The new Dura-Ace R9100 is supposed to be very efficient.


The new design of the Hollowtech II-Cranks delivers shiny new looks but is efficient as well: It is 7g lighter compared to it’s predecessor – the overall weight is 609g. You can choose between 50-34t, 52-36t, 53-39t, 54-42t and 55-42t chainrings. Additionally, you can now order the Dura-Ace with a two-sided power-meter, which communicates via ANT+ or Bluetooth. Even though the mechanical groupset was optimized, it’s once again the Di2 which packs the big new features. With Synchronized Shifting, well known from the XTR Di2 Mountainbike groupset, you can now ride with only one shifter – the front derailleur is thereby operated automatically.

Bei der Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 hat sich einiges getan.
The new Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 packs many new features.

Synchronized Shifting works with two modes:

  • Full SHIMANO Synchronized Shift: the front derailleur reacts based on the rear derailleur’s shift action. This essentially means that, when activated, there is no need for two separate shifters to control front and rear derailleurs, the two buttons on one shifter will control both derailleurs.
  • Semi SHIMANO Synchronized Shift mode: the rear derailleur reacts based on the front derailleur’s shift action, shifting to the next most appropriate rear gear when the rider makes a front shift.

With the Dura-Ace R9100 Di2, Shimano introduces the new E-TUBE App, which allows for wireless setup and updates via Bluetooth. With an additional ANT+ item, the Di2 is able to communicate with cycling computers, allowing you to see the battery status and gear you are in.

Die Hebel sollen noch ergonomischer sein.
The hoods are supposed to be slim and ergonomic.
Die Bremsen lassen sich vielseitig montieren.
You can mount the new brakes in many different ways.

New brakes

Now, you can finally get Dura-Ace disc-brakes: the riders can now choose between DA disc and rim brakes. The new Dura-Ace caliper is Flatmount compatible, which allows it to be lighter. A new disc is supposed to feature a better heat dissipation. Unfortunately, we can’t show you a picture of it just yet.

But the rim brake gets an update as well: You can finally fit 28c tires without restrictions in mud or dirt.


Of course, the new Dura-Ace features new wheels as well: You can now get them with 60, 40 and 24mm depth. The C60 is supposed to provide major improvements compared to the old C50. The hubs are available with both quick-release or 12mm thru-axles.

According to Shimano, you will be able to order the new Dura Ace R9100 from the beginning of 2017. For more information head to our Dura Ace review and the Shimano Website.

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