Presenting Isadore Apparel’s subscription model – Hitting the streets in a new outfit every three months

With Isadore Apparel’s new subscription model, you can borrow their latest outfits and have them delivered to your home every three months. Their aim is to avoid incorrect purchases, free up space in your wardrobe and conserve resources, and ideally also your bank balance. We’ve got all the details and prices.

What colour would you like to try next? You can choose from 45 jerseys!

About Isadore Apparel

The names of twin brothers Martin and Peter Velits should be familiar to all cycling enthusiasts. After a total of 21 years in pro cycling, the two hung up their cycling shoes and founded Isadore Apparel in 2013. Their goal was to create products that they would like to wear and use themselves. Their headquarters on the doorstep of the Makyta plant in the city of Púchov, Slovakia.

They say that cycling runs in the blood. Not just a hobby, but a lifestyle. Not just a sport, but a state of mind, too. In our case, it also runs in our family. With a dad behind the counter of our cycling store and a mom overseeing the logistics, it was impossible for us to remain immune. Isadore Apparel was created on the foundations of our family’s deep insights over what works on the road and what does not.

Rent instead of buying

How many times have you bought a cycling jersey that looked great at first but somehow didn’t fit properly and has been hanging in your closet ever since? With their new subscription model, Isadore Apparel want to give you the opportunity to get a new riding outfit every 90 days and to test one or more of their latest jerseys.

The price of the subscription starts at € 35 per month for one jersey, going up to € 60 for two or € 110 for four jerseys. If you pay in advance for a whole year, you get one month for free. Shipping is free of charge and every package includes a pre-paid return label. What if you like a jersey so much that you don’t want to give it back just yet? No problem, you can wear your jersey of choice for an additional 90 days, swapping it for a new outfit three months later. If the size doesn’t fit, you can also swap the same jersey for the correct size.

The top-tier subscription lets you rent up to 16 jerseys for € 110 per month

After a jersey has been used for three months and returned, it gets cleaned and inspected. The aim of this process is to ensure that the jersey is as good as new for the next customer renting it. Should your jersey get torn or get lost, Isadore Apparel will happily replace it. Once a jersey has reached the end of its life cycle and is worn out, it gets recycled and reused for ecological insulation. For the time being, the subscription model is available for customers in Germany, Austria, the Benelux Union, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Great Britain.

Our products represent a lifestyle of freedom, beauty and hours spent on the best invention out there, the bicycle.

Every subscription model gives you a selection of 45 jerseys. No matter whether it’s a jersey made of recycled materials or merino wool, whether short or long, the selection is huge and should include something for everyone.

The latest styles every three months
The jerseys are professionally cleaned, killing all viruses and bacteria

Our opinion on Isadore Apparel’s new subscription model

Isadore Apparel’s new subscription model is a promising approach to having the latest fashion delivered to you every quarter. An ecologically sustainable and resource-saving option, the opposite of disposable fashion and an excellent idea! It’s also good value, seeing as you only pay € 105 for a long sleeve jersey that would usually cost € 185 – on rent of course.

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Words & Photos: Isadore Apparel