Issue #015

Hype This! 6 exclusive travel essentials for your next trip

If there’s one thing we love more than riding our bikes, it’s travelling to the world’s best cycling destinations with our bikes in tow or simply exploring the streets and paths of the most remote corners of the world. We’re celebrating the comeback of travel in this issue of #hypethis with exclusive travel essentials.


The SILCA VIAGGIO Travel Pump is so beautiful you would almost prefer leaving it safely at home when you travel. With its glossy finish, you could use it to decorate your living room wall! However, its real beauty only becomes apparent when used. The distinguishing feature of the VIAGGIO is its packability. With the handle and feet folded in, you can easily roll it up in the included 60×40 cm canvas tool roll, which also includes additional pockets for tools. Rolled up inside the bag, it has a diameter of only 8 cm and weighs as little as 1.3 kg, taking up minimal space in your suitcase or bike bag when travelling. Unfolded, the VIAGGIO offers the same level of comfort and precision you would expect from any SILCA floor pump. Like its big sister, it features a leather seal and a brass check valve. The aluminium handle is similar to that of the handles on the SILCA SuperPista Ultimate and they clamp the approximately 1 m long hose securely to the pump when folded in. The pump head comes with their HIRO chuck and docks magnetically to the base. Another aspect that sets the SILCA VIAGGIO apart from the competition is the Bluetooth-enabled sensor instead of an analogue manometer, displaying the tire pressure on your smartphone via the iGauge app, giving you readings to within half a psi. The iGauge app can also be used to create different profiles for your bikes and it alerts you when you’ve reached the preset tire pressure while pumping.

Price: $ 275.00


Living out of a suitcase – an inescapable necessity for some but the best option for unrestricted mobility when travelling with your road bike. SILCA’s MARATONA GEAR BAG offers enough packing space to take everything you need for several days in the saddle on board your plane. The MARATONA GEAR BAG stays upright on its own and features carrying handles on top and the side as well as removable shoulder straps. Thanks to its bright red lining, you’re unlikely to oversee small things lying inside it. Thanks to the zipper, the padded lid of the main compartment can be folded completely flat in front of the bag, which more than doubles the footprint of the MARATONA. As such, you’ll always have a clean working surface or a dry seat to hand for changing your shoes no matter where you are. Inside the bag you’ll find a bottle holder and three mesh pockets. The MARATONA also features a ventilated compartment for damp clothing and a ventilated compartment specifically for your shoes that is accessible from the inside and outside. Your evening wear never has to share a space with your sweaty cycling kit! Measuring 55 x 35 x 22 cm, the MARATONA passes as hand luggage with most airlines, so you don’t have to check in sensitive and valuable items such as your SILCA VIAGGIO Travel Pump.

Price: $ 195.00

Tissot Supersport Chrono Tour de France 2020

If you happen to pass by this year’s Tour de France, you’ll have a hard time getting past Tissot. Dedication, precision and performance: these are the values the iconic Swiss watch manufacturer associates with the Tour de France. Once again, Tissot have created a special edition watch to show their passion for cycling, making this the fifth time in a row that the Tour de France’s official timekeeper has created a quartz chronograph dedicated to the race. The 316L stainless steel case and nylon strap are adorned in the classic black and yellow tour colours. The yellow hand counting down the seconds is balanced by the silhouette of a road bike. Three auxiliary hands ensure that you don’t lose track of time in the heat of the moment. The back of the case also features an engraved Tour de France logo, and to add a little more variety to your life, Tissot include a discreet leather strap embossed with a road bike.

Preis: € 380.17

Rapha Pro Team Transfer Hoodie

As much as we would like them to, our travels don’t just consist of bike rides. Every now and then we have to dismount. Rapha have created the Transfer Collection especially for the time between rides. The Rapha MEN’S Transfer Hoodie has a knitted waffle structure. It keeps your muscles warm in case the air conditioning in the airport terminal is too cold, though it also dissipates excess heat from your body after a workout. If you need a moment to yourself, you can bury your hands in the two large, zippered front pockets, put on headphones, pull the drawstring hood over your head and think back over the day’s events or just enjoy the view from the balcony of your hotel room. The silicone Rapha logo on the chest and the knitted Rapha Pro Team logos on the sleeve and the hood make a statement that expresses your enthusiasm for cycling. Should you get caught in one of the few rainy days in your Mediterranean destinations, the permanent water-repellent treatment on the front and shoulders prevent the rain from soaking through.

Price: € 135

Pirelli P ZERO Race TLR SL

Unfortunately, our holiday time is limited and our trips are usually too short, so we simply don’t have the patience to deal with flat tires! That’s why we don’t see any point in wasting time and not riding Pirelli’s fastest tubeless-ready tire. The Pirelli P Zero Race TLR SL is the fastest tubeless ready road tire of the Italians. Pirelli rely on a new rubber mixture for their SmartEVO Compound, which promises to give you the performance of a competition tire on your everyday rides. The tubeless-ready casing has also been developed from the ground up, supposedly making it more puncture-resistant without affecting the weight of the tire. If you’ve ever suffered a puncture in a foreign country, far away from your holiday home, you will have learnt to appreciate a puncture-proof tire all the more.
Weighing just 230–275 g (depending on the tire width), the extra cautious among us can easily pack a second pair without using up all of their baggage allowance.

Preis: € 74.90

Muc-Off Travel Essentials Kit

Which chain lube do you pack for your trip, which cream, which cleaner and how do you fit it all into bottles that won’t get confiscated from airport security? Save yourself these questions and the hassle of refilling everything into smaller bottles. Muc-Off have put together the Travel Essentials Kit for you. It contains a bottle of Bike Cleaner, a bottle of Wet Lube, a bottle of Dry Lube, a packet of Chamois Cream and the Dr. X Cleaning Guide so you don’t apply the oil where you’d actually need the cream. Muc-Off have also thought of the keys to your hotel room by including a keychain with a long strap. You also get a leak proof, resealable zip bag big enough to hold everything. Our tip: buy a second Muc-Off Travel Essentials Kit, put it in your glove compartment and leave it there for emergencies.

Preis: € 6.95

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Words: Rudolf Fischer Photos: manufacturers