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What’s at the crux of our lives? If you ask Omata then it’s speed, distance, time and ascent. A huge success on Kickstarter, Omata’s stylish and timeless-looking speedometer exclusively charts the most important stats that any rider wants during a ride. As precise as any digital counterpart, this analogue beauty has a ton of technology stacked within its understated design – so well designed in fact that even Fabian Cancellara wouldn’t leave home without it.

Price: from € 84
More info:



‘Earth, Wind and Fire’- The name might sound familiar (and we apologize in advance if you end up humming one of their tracks for the rest of day), but this time we’re talking about Weoutdoor with their slogan: Earth, Wind and (of course) ASPHALT. Definitely piquing our curiosity, this Spanish brand draws design cues from nature’s spectacular colour palette so you won’t just find your next favourite piece of kit for your ride, but you can even customize until your heart’s content.

More info: and

3T Exploro:


Wide tires, short chainstays and pin-sharp aerodynamics – hold on, aren’t these pretty contradictory? Perhaps so, but it hasn’t stopped 3T from launching their aero-gravel bike, the Exploro. It’s quick, aggressive, and groundbreaking. Would we go as far as to call it a pioneer? It’s not a bike you’ll ever need, but it’s one you’ll want – so yes, it probably is a pioneer and you can expect to see more bikes of a similar vein soon.

Price: from € 3,000 (frameset)
More info: 3T Exploro: first-ever aero gravel bike

BMC Roadmachine


One bike to rule them all, bringing them together and into the darkness. Alright, we’re more than certain that Frodo probably never rode a road bike (definitely not with those feet), and Switzerland isn’t Middle Earth, but we had a similar sense of awe when BMC launched their Roadmachine. Disc brakes, a distinctive frame design, and a multitude of possibilities for your bar and stem setup, this bike appears to have a split-personality, and we acquainted ourselves with it on a test ride in Turin. Our thoughts? It does justice to its homeland, with as many facets as a Swiss army knife and as precise as a top-end wristwatch – and this is all reflected in the price.

Price:  € 4,699 (RM 01),  € 2,799 (RM 02), € 1,799 (RM 03)
More info: Test: BMC Roadmachine 01 – The One-Bike-Collection

Focus Paralane


Relying on the F.B.I. and the C.I.A., Focus have created an elite force that will soon be taking on your local roads. An endurance racing bike with a classic look and ultra modern features, the disc brake Paralane doesn’t just look good on the stand but knows exactly how to police the streets.

Price: € 1,799 (Aluminum), € 2,499 (Carbon)
More info: Review: Focus Paralane 2017

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Words: Julian Mittelstaedt, Noah Haxel Photos: Various