Group Test Preview: The Best Road Bike for Mallorca?

Sometimes the truth is hard to believe, especially when it completely contradicts with our expectations and experience. Much like the outcome of this issue’s group test, which saw us spend an exhausting week bike testing in Mallorca, putting 12 of the most exciting and exclusive bikes through their paces to see which one is most suited to the European bike Mecca. The results were downright perplexing!

Firstly there were some questions to be asked: How will carbon bikes fare against long-standing steel and aluminium counterparts? What are the actual tangible differences between a bike costing €15,000 and one for €2,500? Are disc brakes really better than rim brakes?

If that hasn’t whetted your appetite then we don’t know what will. As of right now, all the exciting articles can be downloaded from our interactive tablet or smartphone app, and they’ll make their way onto the website over the next few weeks. Have fun reading!.

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