Movie released about bikepacker Mike Maurer – Get the Boy off the Streets

The film “Get the Boy off the Streets” tells the story about former road rider Marc Maurer. What made him decide to swap his road bike for a gravel bike and go in search of bikepacking adventures around the globe ever since?

Marc Maurer, born in the south of Germany in 1981, is a former road rider. He moved to Cologne in the picturesque Rheinland to study geography and Asian cultural studies. After graduating, Marc packed his backpack and travelled through Asia for almost two years, but eventually, he grew bored of flying, taking the bus and hiking like a traditional backpacker. He yearned for more adventure and travelling on foot limited him. Back in Cologne, he quickly decided to unite his life’s two biggest passions: travelling and cycling.


  • Production ADLIPS Productions
  • Rider Marc Maurer
  • Producer Tim Magduschewski
  • Director Daniel Hacker
  • Camera assistant Marcel Burgmann
  • Sound Martin Spyra
  • Editing Daniel Hacker
  • Stills Paul Masukowitz

Marc built himself a touring bike based on the frame of a gravel bike and cycled from Cologne to Istanbul. Instead of returning by plane as originally planned, he fell so in love with bike touring that he decided to cycle back home on an alternative route. More bike packing adventures soon followed: cycling from Istanbul to Teheran and later from Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan on the Pamir Highway. One thing’s for sure: this definitely won’t be the last film you see about Marc!

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