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EVOC’s new road bike bag and bikepacking bags

Bikepacking is booming and now EVOC offers its own range of bags for the purpose. In addition, the new EVOC ROAD BIKE BAG PRO promises to make travelling with aero, tri and even normal road bikes easier as you won’t have to adjust or even remove your bars.


The new € 795 EVOC ROAD BIKE BAG PRO cuts an unusual shape
The key: your cockpit doesn’t have to be adjusted or disassembled, an increasingly difficult task on bikes with integrated cables and aero features.
The EVOC ROAD BIKE BAG PRO provides space for up to 460 mm wide bars
The integrated ROAD BIKE STAND can be removed when mounting your bike on it

While you can obviously fly your road bike around the world in EVOC’s existing BIKE TRAVEL BAG (PRO), the new EVOC ROAD BIKE BAG PRO is designed to make travelling a lot easier. Modern bikes increasingly feature different aero stems and bars with completely internally routed cables, or might even rely on a one-piece cockpit. That often makes disassembly a time-consuming process and in the worst cases, nigh on impossible. The EVOC ROAD BIKE BAG PRO’s unusual shape makes it possible to fit your “normally assembled” cockpit straight into the bag: wheels and pedals off, put the bike on the removable ROAD BIKE STAND mount, stick it all in the bag, done. The bag fits normal bars up to 460 mm wide but flared gravel items are unlikely to fit.

The ROAD BIKE BAG PRO is a hybrid design with a solid base and top and a soft fabric mid-section. This is supported by ribs spaced around the bag which can be removed for more compact storage when not in use. The bag rolls on two fixed wheels and an additional swivelling roller, which can be fixed to the cross-bar at the front of the bag. One final cool feature is the integrated TSA compliant combination lock, the first time EVOC has offered this feature. The bag weighs 11 kg and will be available in autumn for € 795.

The „Side Impact Absorber“ width is adjustable and it can be positioned exactly where it’s needed
The ribs around the bag can be removed to save space when the bag is packed away and not in use
Nice feature: the integrated TSA compliant combination lock
The wheels have separate compartments that position them next to the frame


Up until now, bikepacking bags have been made mainly by small custom companies with only a few larger brands attempting to enter the market. EVOC wants to get in the mix and offers a whole range of bags imagined for both mountain and gravel bike use.

The EVOC bikepacking range consists of the waterproof SEAT PACK Boa in three sizes priced between € 100 and € 140, …
… the TOP TUBE PACK (€ 35), two MULTI FRAME PACK frame bags (€ 40–45) …
… and an again waterproof HANDLEBAR PACK Boa in two sizes (€ 120–140)

The two highlights in the range are the waterproof SEAT BAG Boa saddlebag, available in three sizes with a 1–3 L volume (S: € 100, M: € 120, L: € 140), and the waterproof HANDLEBAR PACK Boa bar pack, available in two sizes (S: 2.5 L, € 120, M: 5 L, € 140). A particular highlight is the mounting system developed together with Boa which allows the bags to be attached quickly and securely.

The mounting system for the bar- and saddlebag was developed together with Boa
An eye for detail: recesses for cables on the bar bag.
The saddlebag is supported by two straps through the saddle rails along with the Boa system

The range is completed with the TOP TUBE PACK bag for the top tube (0.5 L: € 35) and two additional universal MULTI FRAME PACK bags (S: 0.7 L, € 40, M: 1 L, € 45). These both feature a slightly different shape and adaptable mounting points. That allows the straps to be positioned according to where on the frame the bag is to be mounted. All three bags are lightly padded, though not waterproof like the saddle- and bar bags.

The two frame bags are surrounded by a webbing ladder. That allows the velcro straps to be positioned according to where the bag is mounted on the frame.
All bags are available in two different colours (Loam or Carbon Grey) …
… and should be available this autumn.

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Words & Photos: Andreas Maschke