Design & Innovation Award 2021 – the most important gravel- and roadbike trends

The bike market has been booming in 2020 like never before. How does that influence the gravel bikes of 2021 and the next generation fo roadbikes? What will we be riding and where can we spot the obvious trends for coming bike models? We’ve outlined the hottest gravel & road trends of 2021 and tell you where the challenges and opportunities lie for newbies and veterans.

During the bike boom of 2020, alongside ebikes, gravel bikes have been one of the most enticing options for newcomers. The fact is that enthusiasm for an unfiltered experience of nature often clashes with limited experience of riding off-road. If you want to concentrate on nature rather than riding, you need a stable bike that communicates significant trust. These are requirements that manufacturers are already responding to and in future, will increasingly do so. Features, technology and geometries that are often inspired by mountain bikes make absolute sense for gravel.

In the times of friends with benefits where it’s increasingly difficult to commit, investing in a bike that can fulfil as many dreams as possible seems like the most obvious and sensible choice, doesn’t it? It makes sense to invest in a trustworthy two-wheeled companion where everything is possible, but nothing is necessary. It’s exactly this mindset that is rubbing off on the road bike sector and is making the most modern bikes genuine all-rounders. Where previously you went on the hunt for the best spots of asphalt, in 2021 cobbles, poor road surfaces and occasional gravel detours can also be part of a ride.

Find the most important gravelbike- and roadbike-trends of 2021, mixed up with exciting background information and all the winners of this years Design & Innovation Award, here: design-innovation-award.com

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