We tested, took notes, sweated, froze, laughed and cursed! The following numbers show just how much work went into this year’s Design & Innovation Awards. What the numbers reveal besides, however, is that we had a lot of fun!

Team of DI.A: 29 people
Test riders: 20
Photographers and filmmakers: 5
Organisation: 4
Total work time: 6.000 h

Mileage done (Road): 5.600 km
Longest tour (Road): 185 km/3.200 hm
Elevation loss (MTB): 235.000 m
Shuttle Runs: 64
E-MTB battery charges: 310

Crashes: 7
Hospital visits: 3
Flat tires: 8

Words in test notes: 95.265
Sent e-mails: 1.863
Photos taken: 9.378
Video footage in GB: 250
Tesla battery charges: 25
Tesla-Kickdowns: innumerable!
Highest power consumption: 540W/km
Cups of coffee: 1.125
Litres of beer consumed: 160
Water bottle refills: 286

Design & Innovation Award 2018 Special Issue

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