Which are the most stand out bike products of 2022? What are the most important trends in the bike, automotive and mobility industry for the coming year? After thousands of test kilometres and heated discussions, the results are in for the Oscars of the bike industry. Curtains up for the Design & Innovation Award 2022!

2022 will be characterised by big changes, big trends and lots of potential. The mobility and outdoor sector, in particular cycling, is booming like never before. Fitness gadgets and urban transport solutions are in more demand than ever. Startups, established brands and international big players all vie for the favour of customers with new products, purported innovations, big promises and catchy slogans. But what’s hype and which claims hold water? What are the most promising developments actually capable of?

For nine years the Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) has tested the most promising new products of the next season in real-world conditions to identify stand-out products and the most important trends early on. Here you can find everything about the Design & Innovation Award.

Winner 2022

The Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) is more than a decoration. It’s the only award with real product tests, in-depth reviews and critically founded verdicts. Once again, the award team analysed the most relevant products of the next season. You’ll find the best products that manage to secure a sought-after Design & Innovation Award here.

Here are the winners of 2022

Rethinking bike categories
On specialists and all-rounders

The bike market is more diverse, innovative, exciting and dynamic than ever before, but it’s still divided into traditional categories, making it impossible to show our readers the true potential of the best products featured in the Design & Innovation Award 2022. It’s time to rethink bike categories.

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Sustainability megatrend: window dressing or true innovation?
Measures and opportunities for the bike industry

Sustainability is one of the megatrends of the 21st century. In this trend article, we show risks and opportunities for the bike and outdoor industry, talk about greenwashing and fails like ocean plastic, as well as exciting new technologies. In addition, we give impulses in order to help shaping a better future now!

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The biggest trends in (sub-)urban mobility in 2022
The future is now

Global metropolises are groaning under enormous mega-congestion, particulate matter, noise, dirt and a chronic lack of space. But between micro-car and hyperloop, mobility innovations promise to turn the tide. Here are the megatrends of (sub)urban mobility and the reason why you have a direct influence on them!

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Outdoor holidays in Valdaora-Olang
A charming spot to live out the biking version of yin and yang

Soaring mountains or bottomless lakes? Want to take a spin on the bike or switch off and relax? When it comes to active holidays, certain places do it better than others and South Tyrol’s Valdaora-Olang has all the threads to weave an unforgettable time – providing you untangle your bike choice first. Out on a ride, we came across a region full of beautiful contradictions and hit upon the nuptials of gravel and hybrid bikes.

Bikes, Birkenstocks and a high-altitude microbrewery
An overnighter in the UNESCO-listed Fannes Sennes Braies Nature Park

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent the night in a brewery. What about Europe’s highest microbrewery? Nope? Us neither. So, time to pack our toothbrushes, some thick socks, gather some mates and work up a thirst on our way through this UNESCO World Heritage Site in the shadow of the imposing peaks of the Dolomites towards said gaff.

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