CYCO – Chasing the elevation of senses during a mountain stage

How do you translate the rollercoaster of emotions on a mountain stage into sound and pictures? The spark of energy when you see the top of the mountain? The adrenaline rush while shooting down the tight corners on a pass road? The burning legs on the seemingly endless climb before you reach the last serpentine?

Together with composer Fabian F. Fuchs the filmmaker duo of Blitz Opaque (Alexander Tank and Annika Müller) distilled cyclist Brian Wörndl’s climb through the Austrian Alps into an audiovisual experience that galvanises yourself to pedal up the next pass road.


  • Production Blitz Opaque
  • Cinematography Leigh Underwood
  • Cyclist Brian Wörndl
  • Score Fabian F. Fuchs
  • Grading Juan Galva
  • Sounddesign + Mix Fabian Brosi
  • Driver Christoph “Gido” Gföllner
  • Special Thanks Corratec, Arri Rental Berlin, Kinefinity, Cineready, Julia Hallasch, Brennweit

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