Which is the best cargo bike, and how much should you budget? What should you look for, and which is the right model for you? You can find the answers in our cargo bike group test. We put the twelve hottest cargo bike concepts to the test in Paris, seeing the metropolis in a whole new light. On y va!

An overview of the cargo bikes on test

So you think cargo bikes are big, bulky, and unwieldy? Or reserved for helicopter parents and painfully hip millennials? Think again! Cargo bikes are all the rage, but many myths, prejudices, and misunderstandings persist. Note: not all cargo bikes are equal.

“Cargo bike” is a collective term for a wide variety of cargo carrying concepts. And there are huge differences, even if the goal of every cargo bike is the same: to transport people and goods from A to B as conveniently and safely as possible. And of course, they should look good doing so! Meanwhile, there is a huge variety of different models that are shaking up and changing the cargo bike market, introducing numerous innovations, new motor systems, clever features, a wide variety of dimensions, cargo carrying capacities, and catering to a wide range of budgets. Small cargo runabout with a folding basket and an integrated gearbox in the motor, stylish mom-van, affordable workhorse, or full-suspension adventure mobile? There’s something for everyone. The beauty of it is that most cargo bikes are an enrichment to your daily routine and a wide range of use cases – but not all that glitters is gold.

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Brand Model Motor/Torque Battery capacity (Wh) Type Weight (kg) Price
Benno RemiDemi XL Bosch Performance Line / 75 Nm 545 longtail 40 € 7,288
BTWIN Cargo R500E Longtail V2 Vision Industries rear hub motor / 58 Nm 672 longtail 41.8 € 2,999
Cannondale Wonderwagon Neo1 Bosch Cargo Line / 85 Nm 725 long john 70 € 7,699
I:SY Cargo P12 ZR Pinion MGU E1.12 / 85 Nm 800 long john 43 € 7,530
Momentum PakYak E+ GIANT SyncDrive Pro / 80 Nm 1,000 longtail 45 € 5,369
Moustache Lundi Bosch Cargo Line / 85 Nm 1,000 longtail 40.04 € 6,367
Riese & Müller Packster2 70 Touring Bosch Cargo Line / 85 Nm 750 long john 56 € 9,848
Riese & Müller Multitinker Vario Bosch Performance Line CX / 85 Nm 625 longtail 41.18 € 6,769
Specialized Porto Specialized 2.2 Cargo / 90 Nm 710 longtail 42.58 € 6,690
Ultima Multipath Cargo Compact Valeo Cyclee / 130 Nm 630 compact bike 35.8 € 6,138
VEOLO Cargo-Trailer trailer 9 € 790
WINORA F.U.B. 2W Bosch Cargo Line / 85 Nm 500 long john 63.8 € 5,199

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Words: Benedikt Schmidt, Robin Schmitt, Rudolf Fischer, Mike Hunger Photos: Antonia Feder, Robin Schmitt