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The Lab: Cane Creek eeSilk in review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the Cane Creek eeSilk Seat Post fared.

ll the CNC-machined hardware and the linkages of the parallelogram look high-quality, and the screws are titanium! The eeSilk weighs an incredibly light 292 g.

Suspended seat posts have been part of Cane Creek’s line-up for years, and they’ve garnered a loyal following. The parallelogram design means the inclination of the saddle remains the same during compression, without a significant change in seat height. In contrast to carbon posts the function is also independent from insertion depth. Cane Creek have now released a lightweight high-end version, the eeSilk, offering a maximum of 20 mm “travel” for gravel or even road riders. Despite the somewhat bulky looking mechanism, it is only slightly heavier (292 g) than the carbon Ergon CF3 post (about 220 g). Depending on your body weight and desired damping, you’ve got a choice of 5 different elastomers. The 3 middle ones are included and cover riders weighing anywhere between 50 – 110 kg. Our 72 kg test rider found the pre-installed middle hardness was just right. The softer one is rated up to 73 kg but compresses too much in a more upright seating position. The eeSilk is only available in a length of 350 mm and a 27.2 mm diameter, but there are matching shims for all larger seat tube diameters.

There are 5 different stiffnesses of elastomer available for the eeSilk. The middle 3 are included and cover a rider weight range between 50-110 kg.
The ride comfort of eeSilk is unparalleled! Thanks to the parallelogram and elastomer, vibrations and small bumps are inconspicuously absorbed without affecting the saddle angle.

Look, feel and workmanship are outstanding. However, due to its mechanics, the seat post has a tiny bit of lateral play. That’s not something we would expect at this price, but it isn’t noticeable while riding. The ride comfort is on another level compared to the damping we’re used to from carbon “shock absorbing” seat posts. On a Gravel bike, the eeSilk absorbs small bumps and vibrations impressively well, without rocking or causing a noticeable change in the saddle height or reach. It’s so good and inconspicuous that you’ll start wondering why the handlebar suddenly feels so uncomfortable… On hard impacts, you’ll still be catapulted out of the saddle but even here the eeSilk takes the sting out of the hits. The seat post isn’t gravel specific and makes sense on road bikes too. Here it reveals its strengths on rough, eroded road surfaces or on particularly long rides. It also promises a lot of benefits for riders with back problems. The eeSilk is the most comfortable seat post currently on the market that still makes sense on a road bike. Rarely have we been able to increase comfort so drastically by changing a single component!

With the Cane Creek eeSilk, every ride promises to be silky smooth! The extra comfort is really impressive and especially noticeable on long distances and on gravel rides. € 300 is a lot of money for a seat post, but those who complain about back problems or want maximum comfort should definitely take it for a test ride… but be sure to take your credit card when you do.


  • The benchmark in comfort
  • Excellent unobtrusive function
  • Low weight for the comfort offered
  • Function independent from insertion depth


  • Expensive
  • Minimal lateral play

Tester Andi
Duration 2 months

Price € 299.95
Weight 292 g
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