What’s the connection between design classics by the likes of Vitra, Knoll, and USM, and bikes? Why should every well-furnished home have at least one bike on a stand or wall mount? And what’s even more exhilarating than spending the whole day on a bike? We commandeered one of Germany’s finest furniture stores, arranged some wickedly expensive furniture, and drilled holes in every other wall. Dive into our ultimate guide to integrating bikes into your home decor!

Why on earth would I want to keep a bike in my flat? Sounds rather messy, and it will probably lead to arguments with my partner. Besides, I’ve got a spacious garage that could easily hold ten bike stands.
You either hear something like that, or the complete opposite: Oh no, I’ve run out of space in the basement! Where am I going to store my beloved bikes if not on a bike stand in the flat?

Im Plus Minus Bike Stand auf dem Sideboard kannst du dein Rad bühnenreif ausstellen.

When cycling is your passion, you tend to dabble in different aspects of the sport: you rarely stick to just one bike or one discipline. And inevitably, your flat ends up being the only storage solution. Whichever category you fall into, there’s one compelling argument: what could be better than spending all day on your bike, except admiring it all evening at home as well? It’s all the rage in the world of urban, trendy lifestyles – what influencer’s home story would be complete without a retro road bike stylishly adorning the living room wall?

We’ve discovered a range of solutions for storing bikes, helmets and other gear in the living room, bedroom, hallway and even the kitchen. And it’s not necessarily because there’s a lack of storage outside our own four walls. A bike is to us what an altar is to others. Idolatry is a fundamental aspect of human nature, and the revered bike belongs in designer lofts, three-bedroom flats or even offices. Need some inspiration? Look no further – here’s some thoughts and ideas on how to turn your prized possession into both a lifestyle statement and an eye-catching centrepiece.

What we discovered was remarkable: Bikes are extraordinary pieces of furniture – after being ridden on roads, trails or gravel paths, of course. Many bikes have designs that are too exceptional to be confined to the basement or garage. Displayed on bike wall mounts in our living rooms or offices, they tell the stories of our adventures and triumphs, spark engaging conversations, and inspire dreams. In fact, bikes not only shine on the road, they are the perfect complement to design classics. Barbara Benz, owner and managing director of architare, was so impressed by one of our installations that she promptly integrated an exhibition space featuring our arrangement. And of course you’ll find Barbara’s top tips for interior design with bikes right here!

Bikes in the home?

Some bikes and accessories are true designer pieces and too beautiful to be left in the cellar. That’s why you should take a look at the article on bikes in the home in our sister magazine DOWNTOWN. We show you how you can beautifully display your favorite bike/accessory in your home.

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Words: Felicia Nastal Photos: Antonia Feder