With the 2017 version of the Vigorelli, Cinelli took a leap back to their roots, putting steel back on track. We really wanted to know what’s hiding behind this gorgeous steel-revival – to find out more we had a chat with Fabrizio Aghito, vice-president of Cinelli.

Modern steel frames are experiencing a huge comeback these days, and not just in the Randonneur or Sportive formats. With the new version of the renowned Crit-racer, Cinelli brings steel back to the racing circuit– and they’re not the only company celebrating a comeback of steel. In the context of the “Berliner Fahrradschau” we met up with Fabrizio Aghito, vice-president of Cinelli, and asked him to explain the reasons behind this change of course.

The Vigorelli shines in the team colours…
…of the Cinelli Chrome-Racing Team.

“The Cinelli Chrome-Rennteam Racing Team plays a key role when it comes to developing our Crit-Bikes“, says Fabrizio, proudly smiling. The racing team is right up there in the Crit-scene and – among other things- bagged the 2015 Red Hook Champion- title. “Like many others did, our team raced on aluminium frames throughout the last season. These frames are a stiffer ride at a lower weight when compared to an equivalent steel-frame, but it’s obvious that the roots lie deep on the track“. Fabrizio explains: stiffness is not everything when it comes to racing-track performance. Particularly when it comes down to comfort and traction, steel displays its strengths. While aluminium bucks and jumps like a wild horse, amplifying imperfections of the rough track surface, steel studs smoothly iron their way through irregularities, providing for a much smoother ride. This translates into more traction and enhanced security, reasons enough for team Cinelli to ditch the weight issue.

Cinelli and Columbus are one big family. It goes without saying that only the best materials and parts are used for their own racing team. On the downtube the classic Columbus-logo is displayed with pride and reveals the biggest innovation on the 2017 model; a Columbus Thron tube-set.

Cinelli and Columbus:…
…with the Columbus Thron tube-set this is one big family effort.

But apart from the choice of materials, there is a lot more going on here. Feedback from the Cinelli Chrome riders has helped to optimize the geometry of the Vigorelli, providing an even nimbler platform for Crit-races. A substantially higher bottom bracket provides for more ground clearance in turns and is just one of many improvements. We have seen a similar approach on the V-Rad Crit-Prototypes from German brand Canyon.

A substantially higher bottom bracket is just one of the improvements on the 2017 Vigorelli.

We can’t wait to see the new Vigorelli on the racing track! Ride hard, Cinelli Chrome. Forza Ragazzi!

You’ll find all details about the Vigorelli on the Cinelli Website and more highlights from the “Berliner Fahrradschau” here.

Born to race – We can’t wait to see the new Vigorelli on the racing track.

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Words: Photos: Ben Topf