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Basso release a new gravel bike: the Tera surprises with its own frame concept

With the Tera, Basso present a gravel bike that is made of two materials and should generate 8 mm of travel. Sounds exciting? Find out more about the bike in the official press release.

Basso Tera | Manufacturer’s website

While others do gravel, #wedopalta. Our interpretation of gravel is something totally different. It is the logical extension of the fantastic ride quality and feeling that we build and have been building into our road frames for over 40 years. Speed, Handling, Reactivity, Comfort and Reliability… without compromise… no matter the terrain. While Palta expanded the possibilities of where you can experience the fantastic ride quality of Basso, Palta itself has expanded into a family. An additional model expands the audience that can take advantage of a better Basso riding experience.

Combination of carbon and aluminum

In order to render the tried and trusted performance of the Palta available to a wider audience, the Tera takes on a price-conscious yet technologically advanced design to bring Basso gravel capabilities to all. It is the age of carbon and aluminum and Basso have seen fit to put the two together in an effort to create a platform that celebrates the performance qualities and advantages relative to both materials. The first mixed-material, semi-suspension, performance-oriented gravel solution on the market combines an aluminium front triangle with a carbon fiber rear triangle. While it might seem as if similar construction has been seen on the road in the past, the Tera’s construction is quite unique as it provides an ingeneous and lightweight solution for suspension. The front triangle is made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum to ensure maximum power transfer where it counts while keeping weight low. The carbon fiber rear triangle on the other hand is bonded directly to the bottom bracket area and via advanced layup technique, form and geometry ensure both an efficient structure as well as extremely compliant vertical flex. The fixed pivot design allows for up to 8 mm of flex while remaining extremely efficient in terms of power transfer.

The advantages of the fixed-pivot, semi-suspension carbon rear triangle pairs well with the Palta-derived front fork to deliver a performance-oriented compliant complete unit. The Tera fork stands on the shoulders of a gravel icon, the Palta, while incorporating even more versatility thanks to spacing for up to 45mm tires. Sturdy construction, compliant fork and rear triangle and spacing for large tires make for a machine ready for anything. The addition of dropper post compatibility adds both a degree of fearlessness and versatility. Bolts for up to 4 water bottle cages, constructed for perfect compatibility for multiple bags and even bolting options for fenders or racks, the Tera is ready for any terrain or adventure you care to take on.

Internally routed cables, on the other hand, make for not only a cleaner aesthetic but for a better-protected drivetrain and brake system. Perfectly compatible with both 1x and 2x drivetrains the Tera is ready for any configuration you desire for your build.

Our thoughts on the Basso Tera

The concept sounds exciting and the idea behind it makes sense. Cannondale take a similar approach with the KingPin suspension on their Topstone (click for review) and generate a lot of comfort through the system. We are definitely looking forward to a first test!

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