2017 is coming to an end which means it’s that time of year where we start to review what has been and gone this year. We’ve reviewed more than 50 different bikes over the last year and we can confirm: the bikes are better than ever before! Read on to find out which 10 bikes impressed us most.

BMC Roadmachine 01 One

Whether on cobblestones or tarmac – with their Roadmachine 01 One, BMC have managed a perfect balancing act of race performance with comfort. Aesthetically like a Ferrari, surefooted as a Jeep, and with the performance of a muscle car. Definitely one of our hottest rides in 2017.

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Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2

Good times guaranteed! With it’s all-rounder skills the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Disc is the perfect choice for any rider that values a down-to-earth, predictable and damn quick bike that never fails to exhibit a brilliant performance.

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Festka Spectre Space Odyssey Edition

In matters of extravagance the Festka Spectre Space Odyssey Edition can hardly be topped. For riders with confidence, who value performance and, of course, individuality, the Festka is THE race bike of the year.

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The next step into the future? The Focus Project Y is a fascinating and innovative machine, raising questions and getting the industry thinking about the future of electric road bikes.

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This list wouldn’t be complete without the Merida Reacto Disc Team-E. The careful consideration Merida have given to geometry, efficiency and aerodynamics makes you want to tuck in and pedal as fast as humanly possible.

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Tarmac, gravel or singletrack, the Open U.P. rocks everything! Adding some achingly contemporary updates to the new U.P. made the bike retain its highly covetable status for 2017. The Open U.P. is the benchmark for any gravel bike.

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Specialized Tarmac S-Works Ultralight

Specialized Tarmac S-Works Bike Review

Just look at it! With the new Specialized Tarmac S-Works Ultralight, the California-based company have created an outstanding bike and overall concept. First-class riding characteristics, a stringent design and a lot of sex appeal – this is going to be one of the hottest rides in 2018.

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Specialized S-Works Diverge

Danger. High Voltage. This bike is the biggest statement to date when we talk about the blurring of boundaries between road and mountain biking. Thanks to its clever details, innovative features and great handling the S-Works Diverge cements itself on our most wanted list.

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Stelbel Antenore

Steel is heavy and sluggish? Think again! The Stelbel Antenore is a modern classic that combines Italian tradition with modern race performance. These Italian designers from the heart of Lombardy wooed our test team with excellent handling, a first-rate frame and an harmonious all-round concept. Bellissimo!

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Trek Domane SLR 10 RSL

The Trek Domane SLR 10 RSL is a modern, full-blooded endurance/race-bike that maintains an elegant and classic look! The sublime level of tech and integration on the bike left us with no other choice than to place it in our top 10.

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What’s the hottest bike 2017 in your opinion?

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Words: Marco Hinzer Photos: Others