Concerns about disc brake safety and related injuries is still a hot topic, especially amongst the professional peloton. That’s why lightweight construction wizard Tune came up with a simple but ingenious solution to protect pro riders and hobby cyclists, because many of us appreciate the clear advantages of a disc brake. Here you’ll find all the info to the new Tune product:

Crashes in the pro-peloton have often been nasty even before disc brakes entered the pro-peloton. Are discs more dangerous? Are hot, fast revolving discs a safety hazard? To be ahead of the game Tune spent some time thinking about solutions.

The result of their efforts is the new Disc Stealth rotor protector. The protectors fit 160 mm discs and are made to prevent contact with both the sharp edge and the flat side of the disc. The Disc Stealth is mounted directly onto the flat-mount brake adaptor; this should make it compatible with most forks without interfering with wheel changes.

But Tune wanted to offer more than just protection: Disc Stealth was also built to be aerodynamically efficient and to withstand strong head and side-winds, avoiding potential contact with the brake disc.The prototype in these pictures comes from a 3D-printer whereas the final version will be made of carbon.

Whether the Tune Disc-Stealth will also be an interesting option for hobby-cyclists is still unclear. The protectors still have to prove that performance and heat dissipation won’t be affected. We can’t wait for the first proper test.

At the time of this publication the release date was unknown. But the UCI is already in contact with Tune about this project.

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Words: Noah Haxel Photos: Tune