Do you remember those times when cyclists were seen with cigarettes in their mouths and jersey pockets full of wine from which they’d take a swig mid-stage? Back then, there was a different breed of convention. Those were the days when it was about human feats of endurance and heroism; words like nutrition, watts and doping weren’t even in the lexicon. Cycling was a pursuit of passion, when guys like Sagan weren’t the exception–they were the norm.

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And that’s exactly what this new issue is all about. We are not the magazine that’ll report on past events or race results. Purely competitive cyclists with no sense for quality of life might want to look elsewhere; we’re a magazine for cyclists who see cycling as a way of life. We’re a magazine that thrives on change. We don’t care how bikes were once ridden, or what opinions others might hold. It’s about how we want to ride. The future is what interests us. And we are fully convinced that you, our readers, are the avant-garde of cycling. Open-minded, progressive and modern. Ready to try new things and change the world. We don’t want to chew up and spit back out old news and expertise. We want to share inspiration and experiences. Enjoy the new issue!

We’ve put 11 of the most exciting endurance and gravel bikes to the test on Europe’s harshest terrain. Which bike could best handle long days in the saddle and make for a fun ride in all conditions? On the legendary routes of the spring classics we found the answer.

How do you make new friends and find like-minded cyclists around the world? And why should you steer clear of high-end hotels? We left Manhattan behind us in a bid to find the answers and hopped over the river to Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg.

Times are different these days. Package holidays are as out as filter coffee with condensed milk. Right now we’re all hankering after real experiences and micro adventures. New routes, minimal preparation; just follow your nose. What constitutes an adventure, what’s the perfect ride, and who even wants that?

Imagine having raced 3,500 kilometers around France over 21 days against the world’s finest professional racers only to reach the final stage in Paris, where a mere 8 seconds will decide who wears the Yellow Jersey on the podium. Tissot invited us to the Grand Depart of the 2017 edition, giving us an exclusive insight into this crazy time capsule, making us realise how complex the chase for milliseconds can be.

Let’s set the scene: a business partner knocks at your door on a bank holiday, drenched in sweat; they clearly have intentions of joining your family for lunch. Sound far-fetched? Clearly it isn’t these days. We invested some time in Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany, to calculate how much of an impact cycling is having on the business world – and the individual.

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