What lasts for longer? The suffering as you grind your way up the pass, the sense of relief as you crest the col or the anticipation of the final few metres before the finish? Perhaps even the satisfaction of finishing, or the eagerness to retell the story once you get home? Time is always relative and we have the sole responsibility for how we perceive it.

Time defines us, our environment, what we wear and how we feel. It can be the most cherished luxury or our biggest concern. Those with too little complain of stress, while those with too much cry boredom. Ride the fastest to win the major races and you become a hero of the peloton, each passing second can be the difference between success and failure. Time is ever present, but does that mean we have to let it define our lives?

The run-up to the release of this issue has been long, but still the final few weeks were dominated by intense work and sleepless nights. When you’re doing something out of passion, sensing that you’re creating something unique, then the hard work doesn’t feel so hard. It’s like riding the Sella Ronda in a new best time, each pedal stroke adding doubts whilst every meter climbed tugs at your determination.

We weren’t looking for the fastest, stiffest and lightest road bike, instead a bike that offers the complete package, helping you to achieve both fast times and good times on the bike.

What about when there’s no time left for cycling? After a stint in the city where no one sleeps, we’re convinced that this level of all-pervasive competitiveness in the Big Apple is anything but healthy.

Honey, let’s talk business! What’s the business landscape like today? Where are the deals made? We sought the answer at one of Europe’s top golf courses armed with a road bike but minus the prerequisite of a golf handicap.

Does fashion offer more than just aesthetics? For our latest fashion shoot we paired the world’s most exclusive and in-demand watches with the most sophisticated road cycling kits. The world’s first fashion shoot that isn’t about fashion.

Is it time to redefine luxury? This topic was on the agenda as we sat down in Barcelona with Chris Reitz, the grandchild of Ferdinand Ferry Porsche, ex-pro cyclist Christian Meier and Cesar Rojo, the founder of Unno bikes.

Traversing the boundary between nostalgia and the future, this issue is proof that time can’t always be measured. It’s a personal thing; how we spend it isn’t dictated by time, but by ourselves. So on that note, enjoy each moment spent reading this issue!

As of right now, all the exciting articles can be downloaded from our interactive tablet or smartphone app, and they’ll make their way onto the website over the next few weeks. Have fun reading!