Don’t they say that life isn’t complete without a proper Swiss-made wristwatch? Yet a clunky timepiece on your wrist just isn’t practical when you’re riding. But imagine if that same stylish smart watch could double as your bike computer? It almost sounds too good to be true.

Right now there’s a young team in Switzerland launching a Kickstarter project that aims to batter down the constraints of conventional wristwatches and propel them into the digital age with a timeless aesthetic and cycling-specific engineering. Made of aircraft-grade CNC-manufactured aluminium or stainless steel, the M O S K I T O watches aren’t confined to your wrists either; they come with their own bar mount. When you decide to switch from the current time to the speed mode, the watch hands are repurposed to clock your current speed in real time, average speed and total distance clocked – yes, in analogue! You can pair it with an app via Bluetooth to weasel out more stats from your ride and link it to Strava and the like. Even smarter, that same app lets you smarten your watch to receive message and call notifications if you want.

M O S KI T O on Kickstarter


Features of the M O S KI T O watches


M O S KI T O Overview

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While irrefutably sartorially savvy, this watch may have prioritized style over out-and-out performance, seeing as it offers minimal functions to appease serious riders. It’s also questionable how the analogue tachometer rivals its digital peers in terms of accuracy, and we’re not sure how fragile the watch is in the event of crashing. In our eyes, the M O S K I T O adds some serious but pricey style for urban riders. And with prices in the realms of 700 Swiss Francs for a genuine Swiss-made wristwatch, it’s aligned with expectations of high build quality and great durability.
Right now the project is on around 58,000 Swiss Francs, with deliveries expected between April and October 2017.

For more information head to the Moskito Website. or follow them on Facebook.

Words: Jonas Kaesler Photos: M O S KI T O