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Hiplok – Z Lok

Reusable ziplocs with a bit of muscle is how you would describe these in the simplest of terms. Hiplok, a company that has been around for a few years are constantly looking for new ways to secure your most prized possession. Hiplok position these as a lock that can be used to enhance your bike security when being transported on roof racks of cars. But they are also so lightweight and small they could fit into your jersey pocket and would be perfect to secure your bike whilst stopping for the obligatory coffee pitstop.

The reusable ziploc from Hiplok could be a handy coffee stop companion

Don’t get us wrong, the old fastening your bike to your mates with your helmet straps has obviously fended off many a light fingered foe, but this could give that bit extra piece of mind whilst tucking into your flat white and vegan chocolate brownie! The Hiplok Z Lok is priced at € 17.90 and is available to buy now. Also stay tuned as Hiplok presented the first prototypes of the Z-lok with a 3-digit combination lock.

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