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Bont Helix Shoe

Bont Shoes are known for their high performance carbon sole and the ergonomically cut toe enclosure. These shoes have not only been on the feet of Tour de France winners, but many other Pro races too. When it comes to road cycling shoes Boa seem to have the market covered, so with so many brands using this closure system it’s up to them to differentiate themselves. Bont have taken on rider feedback regarding the fastening system can cause discomfort to smaller feet where the upper creases when closed tightly. So to alleviate this they have incorporated the Boa closure wires to circulate the whole shoe with channels moulded into the carbon sole. This should translate to a more custom fit.

From a design point of view they are looking pretty slick and incredibly low weight, 265g for the size 46.5 that was on display. Currently Bont are keeping stum on price and from when they will be available – but we will be making sure we get our hands on a pair to test this innovative Boa system out.

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