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Oakley Aro Series Helmet

The new Aro 7 full aero helmets from Oakley are also fitted with their new Prizm lens for improved clarity of vision

It kinda feels strange that Oakley aren’t already a player in the helmet game, they’ve been such a big part of the cycling industry for so long. February 1st 2018 will see the launch of three model of helmets – Aro 7, Aro 5 and Aro 3. The Aro 7 is their time trial specialist, Aro 5 an aero-road version and the Aro 3 for those hot climbing days with plenty of ventilation. Oakley integrate many specific features into their helmet design, but one of the coolest was the rubber covered helmet vents that specifically fit your Oakley shades, keeping them safe whilst not in use. Gone are the days of faffing around trying to slot them in straight into your helmet vents.

For those long hot days climbing the Aro 3 has plenty of ventilation along specially adapted, rubber side vents giving your Oakley shades the perfect resting place
The Aro5 is designed for those long breakaway days

Prices for each of the models: Oakley Aro 7 € 470, Oakley Aro 5 € 230, Oakley Aro 3 € 175. All will be available from the 1st February 2018.

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