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GRAN FONDO Readers’ Choice: The Best Brands 2017

Let’s be honest: there’s no shortage of decent road bikes and components these days and it’s hard to deny that the standard is shooting up faster than Froome responding to an attack. But regardless of how packed the market is, certain brands are able to distinguish themselves from the masses, defiantly taking their products to the next level in terms of innovation, quality, performance and design to ultimately overshadow the competition. We carried out an extensive readers’ survey to see which brands they consider deliver the best products. 3,809 riders responded – and here are the best brands in the cycling industry:

Canyon is the best road bike brand

Our readers responded: Canyon builds the best road bikes and ranks as our readers’ most popular brand, a statement based on which bike brand they are most likely to buy for their next bike.

A mixed bag of responses: ‘Which brand make the best bikes?’ (black) and ‘Which brand are you most like to buy?’ (red)

Best Brand 2016: Parts & Accessories

A top-flight road bike is naturally more than just the sum of its parts, but even the best bikes are only as good as their weakest component. So which brand makes the best products? We asked, you responded: here are the best brands across 10 different categories:

The results: in-depth

So how have these results been compiled? It’s really simple: in our readers’ survey, we asked which brands create the best road bikes and which brand you are most like to buy. As a bilingual magazine, we seized the luxury to obtain and analyse data not only from our German-speaking readers but also from the international readers of our English edition. We then chose to keep these separate, and it threw up some exciting results.

About the GRAN FONDO Readers’ Survey

The Readers’ Survey ran from 9. June to 31. Juli 2017. 3,809 riders from 73 different nations participated. With a little over 80 questions in total, the average response time for the survey was clocked at 16:18 minutes – The total time taken added up to 43 days.

These are the winners of the GRAN FONDO Readers’ Survey Prize Draw