Colnago has always been a name in cycling that has surpassed the boundaries of our world and entered the wider. From the logo adorning Wesley Snipes’ cap in White Men Can’t Jump, it is a universally recognisable symbol of cycling quality and style.This year, Ernesto Colnago celebrates his 85th birthday and 63 years producing his iconic bicycles with the release of the special Edition Colnago Ottanta5.

Old meets new: The pantographed stem sits so comfortably alongside the raw carbon details.

The new Ottanta5 is based on a 20 year old concept of lugged carbon tubing which has now been perfected in the Colnago C60. The frameset has then been treated with the beautiful flare to which Colnago is historically known for. This flamboyance has been somewhat lacking in recent models, but the Ottanta5 features a gorgeously understated paint job which highlights the trademark lugwork and glitters in the sun.

The star shaped carbon tubing and lugwork is reminiscent of the old Master which is reputed to offer superb stiffness without compromising on weight. The painting has of course been meticulously applied by hand and the headtube is emblazoned with the original Colnago logo first created in 1954. It will be available in 19 size options… yes 19! …You can feel its roots in the Pro Peloton. And limited to 85 pieces.

The simple yet pristinely executed paint work sets off details and nods to Colnago’s history

This truly feels like the ultimate honour bestowed upon a man whose creations over the years have dazzled audiences with their magnificently creative paint schemes, outlandish tubing and radical designs. Not only in their looks, but also Colnago’s countless successes both on the track and on the road. Culminating this history into a single model now equipped with all of the modern attributes you would expect from a premium road machine, the new Colnago Ottanta5 harks back to the past while looking forward  the future and will no doubt become a timeless piece of cycling history.

We hope you’ll join us in wishing Mr Ernesto Colnago a very happy 85th birthday.

P.S. Ernesto, please can we get one to test??

Words: Charles Nicholson Photos: Colnago / Roberto Bettini