A portrait of revelry and camaraderie through analogue eyes. Renowned Spanish photographer Sergio de Arrola has been following the Dosnoventa crew for a year long intimate portrait as they travel around the world riding and partying with their international brotherhood of riders.

Having had a close relationship with Sergio, and Sergio himself aging toured across the USA and Africa on a Dosnoventa frame it seemed like the perfect match. His photography style focuses on people and each of the trips were documented in two books already.

This time Sergio would become more of a documentarian following the Dosnoventa crew as they tour around the US and Asia armed with a film camera. In a stark contrast to Dosnoventa’s slick and vibrant aesthetic the analogue photography cuts through the bravado and reveals a much more intimate portrayal of the team and their brotherhood around the world.

Fixed gear culture remains somewhat an underground scene that unites people around the world with common dogmas, Juanma says. “Bikes without gears and no brakes, which initially seem like limitations instead make you closer to the real experience of pedalling”. That being said the book goes far beyond fixed gear culture. It perfectly encapsulates the passion and pleasure shared by people from around the world for cycling and its community values.

This series of superb 35mm analog photographs immerse you in the culture. Covering the riding, the excess, the sweat, beer and adrenaline that comes with life on the road. The 290 page book has been printed locally in Barcelona, staying true to the crew’s roots, by Nova Era and in close collaboration with Affaire Projects.

In addition to the book’s release, there is a special edition of 19 units presented in a wooden. I’d and accompanied by seven prints on Hahnemühle paper 300gsm and an exclusive black candle. These have all been numbered and signed by the artist making it the perfect collector’s edition.

The book is now available to purchase here.

Words: Charles Nicholson Photos: Charles Nicholson, Dosnoventa